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Who I am & Why I'm A Candidate

Why I am in this race. I am a serious Presidential candidate!  I actually have the nerve to call out Democrats and Republicans for the fraud they have used on Americans for decades. 

Americans see it! Few ever dare to speak about it.

The few who see it, like me, are told; "Where's your tin foil hat?" 

We are called, "on the fringe" and "out of touch." I ask, are we?

Americans are at a state where some Republicans and Democrats have been in office over twenty or more years. To their benefit not America’s. 

Two parties offer no difference in leadership for our great nation. Let us have a look?

  1. Under both parties. Drug prices are so high in America, some American citizens must illegally travel to Canada to buy their life saving drugs.

  2. Under both parties.  America's brave service men and woman have gone into battle without the very best offensive and defensive weapons and equipment available.

  3. Under both parties. Military pay is disgustingly low. Brave heroes, who say goodbye to their families and loved ones to protect our rights should never have the slightest concern that their bills at home, will be paid.

  4. Under both parties. Veteran hospitals are some of the worst. America’s brave should be allowed to visit the hospital of their choosing. Veterans Administration paid.

  5. Under both parties. There is almost nowhere for the poor to live. There are some areas in cities people are afraid to walk.


Just a few questions for you?

How many decades does it take for Democrats and Republican leaders to better the lives of Americans?

How do Republicans and Democrats regulate the industries of the billion-dollar companies that give them such incredibly high donations?

Who amongst us would not fight like wild animals for such a cake walk job? Great pension, excellent health care. Two hundred and thirty seven days paid off a year. Damn!

Do nothing for Americans, blame the other party!

Both parties, other than a few brave souls, authorized two winless wars that saw American heroes die.

They are then sent home. Huh?  They died for what exactly?

I will represent America and Americans!  From the rural towns to the suburbs to our booming cities.

I will support the poor as well as look at American issues regarding rich Americans.

The tactic of using Americans against each other to maintain power and great jobs, ends with my administration.

Maybe I am a fringe candidate?

If fringe means wanting to feed hungry Americans and stop them from living in cars, 

I am fringe!

If it means supporting rural and suburban communities and making sure they know and not have to wonder if Washington cares about them too? 

Guilty! I am fringe!

If it means using the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Department of Treasury and Immigration Customs Enforcement.

To break up racist organizations and stop gangs and criminals from murdering over 500 citizens in one summer. Guilty again fringe!

 Last one

If fringe  means, telling the wealthy.

I too do not think a death tax is fair!  I too see the wrong in the government going for your loved ones for your gift to them. Money you already paid taxes on, fringe!


No dreaming! No more praying! No more tomorrow!  We must act now!

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