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American Mental Health Issues

America has mental issues and needs psych meds!


America spends trillions on war! Yet America has over 600,000 homeless overflowing many
American streets.

We have people being gunned down by Mass Murderers and the Mentally Ill with legally
obtained weapons of murder.

American Republican and Democrat leaders spend millions on Attack Planes. Democrat and
Republican leaders spend trillions on wars in Iraq/Afghanistan and now over $170 billion on the
Ukrainians and their with Russia.

Americas leaders sit back as America's Seniors have to go to Canada, illegally to get affordable,
life preserving medication.

The police in these United States, kill indiscriminately poor Black and Brown faces and juries let
them go free.

All too often not mentioned are the poor White Americans murdered as well.

Americans must acknowledge, mental illness and drug and chemical addiction are oftentimes
side by side.

America must begin the process of claiming empty and abandoned lands to build affordable
housing for the poor and terrible underpaid.

A portion of the new houses must be dedicated to addiction and recovery support.

No person in need of stabilizing and life supporting medication, can be denied their medication.

The United States Council On Poverty will create local support teams to reach out and engage
the mentally ill and unstable.

We have seen sadly, the murderous deaths of hundreds of innocent school children just wanting
to learn.

Those innocent children were murdered by sick, evil, souls who have no conscience.

Those murdered must never see freedom and must die, weak and feeble, alone in jail.

To curb gun violence, propose the following.

I will never support taking away Americans' guns. I support the right to have and own guns.

Americans do not need assault rifles of war.

America needs waiting periods and background checks.

We must always hold Americans rights high above any laws that will detract from their intent.

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