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American Mentality Issues

American mentality issues


America has mental issues and needs psych meds!




America must take mental illness out of the darkness. We must encourage those with mental illness to seek medical care without feeling they are broken.


We must work with those with addictions to also reach out for support.


America must be sure that treatment is attainable and provide such care.


About 30% of people who are chronically homeless have mental health conditions. About 50% have co-occurring substance use problems.


People with untreated serious mental illness comprise an estimated one-third of the total homeless population in the United States and an even higher percentage of women and individuals who are chronically homeless.


America must stop saying America does not have the resources to care for our citizens in need. The past decades of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine, show there are trillions of dollars to be utilized.


America must break the pitiful lie that helping your fellow Americans is somehow socialism. How purely stupid.


We spend trillions on war yet have homeless people running our streets. We have people being gunned down by psychos with legally obtained assault weapons.


We can spend millions on a jet plane, but our seniors have to go to Canada illegally to get affordable, life preserving medicine.


America must bring the value and preciousness of human life. Confronting the wrongs of the murdered and abused our nation highlights almost daily. Mass shootings to police killings.


The police in these United States, kill indiscriminately Black and poor White faces and juries let them go free. 


America's Republican and Democrat leaders are so far out of touch with the American people, they drive by the thousands of homeless suffering in their districts.


America must begin the process of claiming empty and abandoned lands to build affordable housing for the poor and terrible underpaid. 


A portion of the new housing will be dedicated to addiction and recovery support. Though the price of drugs in America is criminally high.


Universal Healthcare, the elimination of co-pays must be priority one for the American government.


No person in need of stabilizing and life supporting medication, can be denied their medication. 


The United States council on poverty will create local support teams to reach out and engage the mentally ill and unstable


We have seen, sadly, the murderous deaths of hundreds of innocent school children, just wanting to learn. 


America must reach out and train teachers to identify bullies and their victims. 

Many school shooters were so called outcasts or were bullied. Bullies must be identified, and social services alerted. 


Social services will conduct a home study of the bullies family to see the environment they are being raised in.

If there is a home in need of services, services will be provided.


Victims of bullies will receive counseling and support. They should know they are not alone.


Innocent children were murdered by sick, evil, souls who have no conscience. Those murderers must never see freedom and must die, weak and feeble, alone in jail. 


To curb gun violence, propose the following. 


I will never support taking away, Americas guns. I support the right to have and own guns. Americans do not need assault rifles of war.


America needs, a waiting period. Background checks and no automatic weapons of murder. 


The biggest threat is the minds of those Americans who will cheer billions for foreign wars, yet call supporting their fellow Americans, socialism.

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