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Why You & I Matter

What matters most for me is the every day American’s voice being heard.


The elite politicians, billionaires and very wealthy are beyond out of touch with the reality you and I face daily in our lives.


COVID-19 hit Americans hard! Jobs were lost. People could not pay rent and were terrified of eviction and being put out on the streets, possibly.


Debt collectors, were calling many Americans, non stop. Bill collectors have bills too. Repossessions, faulted loans and rationing of families food.


Fear of losing healthcare or not being able to afford the copay on your criminally over priced medication.


The anger and rage I feel as our elected leaders, did not jump to the aid of their fellow citizens, oh no!


Americans got a lecture from very wealthy and supported politicians. In their arrogance, they lectured suffering Americans on what Americans needed.

The same two terrible parties always in power. Do nothing, Democrats and sit on their hands Republicans. 


Yet, again, tossing American citizens to the curb!


They have Masters Degrees, in ignoring, the needy, hungry and displaced Americans, who put them in office!


Not one politician, missed a pay check. Not one politician had to worry about a co pay.

The Republican and Democrat, parties, should be charged with the Rico Act.

Oh by the way! The two parties, such heated enemies, always seem to work together, to give the wealthiest amongst Americans tax breaks.


Magically, both criminal parties, ignore the 200 companies in America, who pay no federal taxes.

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