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About Jaha Hughes

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I am Jaha Hughes. An everyday hard working and better future dreaming American. I followed my American indoctrination into the understanding of the American government, as from birth, I was conditioned to do.

I believed my vote mattered. Growing into adulthood as a Blackman, I was told, only Democrats cared for black Americans.  I believed it.  Why would I not?  My family voted Democrat as did I.

As I entered college, I began to see small cracks in the system. I saw Democrats and Republicans, alleged, sworn enemies, working together on numerous issues. Issues that seemed to better the lives of the very few, while the whole group, America, stayed stagnant. I watched as some elected leaders spent decades doing nothing but fighting for an agenda, that moved nowhere. The same tired worn-out leaders, saying the same, nonsense do nothing rhetoric.

Americans have been lied to and betrayed by their government. You have no choice in elected leadership of our nation. It is either Democrat or Republican. Two out of touch parties of wealthy politicians, who conspire to silence all third-party choices.

I notice, whenever Americans begin to catch on to their great scam. Those so-called leaders, fall back on the standard divide method. They throw out, race, homosexuality and abortion. While Americans argue, we no longer can become a united front and take our nation back. 

I watched as the Democrats and Republicans, systematically made it impossible for fresh, new voices to. be heard.  Voices with a fresh agenda. I see the political games, brighter than ever. Many people also do. It is as if Americans have Stockholm syndrome. I get it. No person wants to be told they have been a pawn to the rich, powerful and well connected, all their lives. It is hard to accept.

I am 47 years, with a Bachelor of Science in social work. I was raised by a single mother, with the mist amazing and supportive family, any loving soul, could ask for!  I am better than, no one.  I admit my wrongs and fight to fix them.

I have been a licensed social worker, to disabled, on social security, disability. As I run for office, as I have the knowledge, my voice will make America stronger. All Americans can they share in some way Americas riches. No longer benefits for the richest and loudest donors. 


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