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Why I Ask For Donations: Donations Please

I became involved in politics about three years ago. I became active because I have grown tired, angry and dismayed that no American's life is improving under Democrat and Republican leadership. That is unless you are rich, wealthy or elite.


America's politicians are opportunistic hacks who only create legislation based on the highest bidder.


I ran nationally for President. I received good support. I was highly encouraged to run locally. so here I am.


I am a Candidate for Mayor of the great City of Boston.


As I look at Boston, I see a solid Democrat-controlled city. As I look at Boston, I see no new innovations, tax proposals, security and crime plans for the city of Boston.


I was told all my life that Democrats are for the everyday American; An ally of the working people and Black Americans.


In Boston that is a lie. Homeless wander Boston's streets. The highest crime areas are Black communities. Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan.


Businesses are not supported by tax plans, that will push businesses away. When businesses leave due to a hostile environment, their jobs go with them, creating unemployed Bostonians.


I look at Boston's poorest neighborhoods, Roxbury and Chinatown. Oh, how the Democrats have failed those wonderful people.


I am running for true change. I believe you can tell by My words that I do not hold back. I speak the truth. I speak the hard truths.


I need your support to make a change for representation and leadership that will work with each neighborhood to highlight its strengths. 


To work to create resources for home ownership. To open new businesses. To boost sales of current companies.


I need your voice, activism and yes, donations. 


This will be heated. I stand with you! Will you please stand with me?


Thank you


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