Why I Ask For Donations: Donations Please

Asking for donations from America during such difficult times is challenging.

As a nonconnected candidate, I proudly disown both criminal, lying parties of misinformation and division! Republicans and Democrats, of course!!

I have to fundraise early.

I am battling connected Politicians who can get millions from one phone call to a lobbyist or secret connected donor, wired to their account in 15 minutes or less

Where do I begin my fundraising journey? As a former, Social Worker? 

I must begin fundraising early, get over my issues, and fight!

I can either fight and ask American's for their support or be a whiner and complainer who sits in a chair and does nothing? 

I was not raised to go give up on doing right. I have never been one to grumble to myself and say, "I wish I did"! I'm fighting forward!

I can no longer just sit back and complain on social media. I am going to be heard! Join me! Let it be, we will be heard!

Some elected leaders in the Democrat and Republican, do nothing parties have been in office for over 30 years!

30 years in office! 550,000 human beings, sleeping in the streets and hungry, in our rich nation!

America still has Vietnam-era Veterans on our streets!!

American's are forced to travel to Canada to afford their medicine or die. No American, so-called leader playing dress-up, thought: "Hmm, we need to fix drug prices?"

Most powerful nation on earth! Yet, they bow to their drug company lobbyists, pals. The million money donors. 

I am fighting for a better, stronger nation.

A nation that reforms prisons. That gives prisoners training, education, and the hope of a better tomorrow, upon their release. 

A nation that creates true Immigration Reform. I will arrest the very rich company owners, who hire and take advantage of illegal workers. 

I will put a mandatory, 6 months jail sentence and 9 months with a leg monitor in-home detention.

The convicted, criminal employer, will be fined 75,000 dollars, per illegal worker they employed and took advantage of. 

Why has no one in Congress returned my call on either of the proposals I explained?

I have many more proposals to better all of our lives. 

Police Reform/Education Reform/Food assistance and better healthy eating initiatives. 

The people of this nation are valuable and worth every bit of my energy to fight for!

I will be mocked, ridiculed. I will be called everything, but the son of Satan. Lol

I will also, feed the fire in the hearts, minds, and bellies of the millions of Voters, who feel my rage! 

Those who see the division tactics of hate used by Republicans and Democrats to keep Americans from calling their parties out over their clear failures!

Those are the ones, who are going to rise with me. We will change our nation's politics to our advantage. Finally!

I am giving full disclosure from my campaign start. 

Campaign funds raised will see a portion go to my staff. My staff believes fully in this mission and has put their dreams to the side to get this done. 

A portion of the funds raised will be allocated to travel. I want to speak to people in Appalachia, as well as rural and suburban communities.

I will also speak to city residents. I want all to know, I hear you. I will work proudly with any politician who has a heart to better our nation.

I will also visit wealthy Americans and hear their voices. 

I humbly ask for your support, opinions, ideas, and donations. 

The battle is real! The mission for a better America must be won. 

Please get involved and donate today!

Or, donate to my campaign and buy some cool campaign gear, from our store.


Keep fighting and keep doing! So much depends on us!