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How I Plan to Get Legislation Proposals Passed

How I Plan to Get Legislation Proposals Passed


I am not the average candidate! I am proud of that fact. I realize to move America forward we must change politics in favor of regular Americans.

America's backbone and core of strength.

I am not delusional.

Democrats and Republicans united have held the tightest reign on the political system in the United States.

My plan to make them actually work for the benefit of all of our Nation is below.

Proposed Legislation

My Proposed Legislation is ready for discussion. I am asking any Legislator or Candidate of any
party to work with me for the American people.

Greens, Republican, Democrat Or Independent the offer is for any of you!

I ask you to choose America over Partisan Politics.

I will directly reach out to the citizens of all 50 states. I will show them their state's rankings in crime, education, forward growth, and movement.

States that lag behind the Nation. Will be shown the complete activity, lobbyist connections and money accepted by their State Representatives.

1. Actively seek out, educate, train, and support new Political Candidates for office in all states.

2. Target for replacement of any obstructionist current Representative or Senator.

Obstructionists are described as elected representatives who can show no legitimate harm or negative consequence of the listed proposal.

My Team and I have other actions planned.

We do not wish to give the boss lobbyist and Special Interest groups the ability to prepare their minions for what is coming.

This campaign will be a battle. It will be loud.

Informed Americans will decide for themselves the legacy they will leave their children and grandchildren.


I am not a panderer! I will not try to convince anyone.

I present the facts.


No hyperbole! No lies!


If you are comfortable where the Nation stands today? I am not your candidate.

My campaign is about everyday America. The hard workers who fight for a better tomorrow for themselves and others.


Even with multi billionaire corporations making record profits. You still work hard as they pay pitiful wages and horrible benefits.

Look around at your nation.

Can you take your eternal rest comfortable with the nation you are leaving your next generation?

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