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Strengthening the Bond between BPD and the Communities

Updated: 5 days ago

I have Police Officers in My family. People I love, respect and honor. I know Officers from my childhood till today. 

I will never turn on all Police Officers. I am against the miniscule minority who do the most damage violating peoples rights. 

I have been with officers as they delivered clothes, blankets and food to people in need. All out of their own pockets. 

I know Officers of all races, genders. All with different perspectives and views. All willing to risk or give their lives for others. My issue is accountability. Officers must hold each other to the highest standards of integrity, safety and support.

As Mayor of Boston I will stand with the Boston Police. As I stand with our  strong Boston communities. 

I have no blinders on. I am a Black Man. Even in Boston. I have felt the sting of racism and prejudice. 

I will stand side by side with our community and Police Officers to strengthen the police bond with the communities they serve. 

Give officers access to clothing, blankets, food to help those they come across who are in need. 

Officers given the autonomy to park in a community and walk around a block or two and just meet their community. It may seem a small gesture but it matters greatly and builds bonds. 

I will fight for officers to have the best training, protective gear. Personal and family support. We are in this life together. Together we will make it better! 

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