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The Harm Done to Illegal Immigrants

Updated: May 23

Democrats and their Sanctuary Cities

America's Democrat controlled Sanctuary Cities are complicit in Human Trafficking, Child Molestation, Forced Prostitution, Domestic Violence and other evil crimes as immigrants are allowed into their cities who are not properly vetted and can not be properly vetted. 

Sanctuary Cities put victims with their abusers, Pimps, molesters  and kidnappers. Democrat Sanctuary Cities put them in rooms, feed and provide them safety, security and funding. I can make this claim because we have no idea who those people are being allowed into America.

Who are they? What information from those peoples' nations can we get? A person's Juvenile Record? Sealed Court Documents? They enter America mostly anonymously. Democrat Sanctuary Cities welcome them with open arms.

Democrats welcome immigrants and find multi millions to support those immigrants as Americans who have and pay into America's system struggle and suffer. Homelessness, poverty and hunger rise. Not for immigrants though. Boston must end its complicity and end our Sanctuary City status.

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