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Revitalize Downtown Businesses

Businesses are abandoning downtown Boston. We must bring them back. More importantly we want Boston to have a waiting list to get into Boston and start a business or grow their business.


I propose.


  • A yearly tax on colleges directly for business and property tax relief.


The yearly fee will be collected for five years then applied to business and property tax relief.


  • Create food pick up and drop off zone on Boston streets where delivery drivers can park for 15 minutes for pick up and drop off of orders.


The zones have the potential of increasing profits for businesses and drivers as drivers may choose to pick up and drop off orders.


Work with food delivery services to incentivize drivers to go farther out to make deliveries.

We would begin the pilot program in the South End.


These zones would provide incentives for businesses to open downtown Boston as expensive parking would be alleviated. This could potentially cut down on city traffic.


To bring business downtown I propose a few major low cost parking zones in and around the city. The parking would be low cost for up to 8 hours.


Passengers would pay a 10 fee for 8 hour parking. Buses would pick up passengers throughout the day to city zones.  The Buses would


These zones would provide incentives for businesses to open downtown Boston as expensive parking would be alleviated. This could potentially cut down on city traffic.


The zones have the potential to increase tourism in Boston. As parking can be a deterrent to visiting our city.


The zones would include spots for tourism companies to set up for potential customers as well.


The spots for tourist companies would be free. They must pay a fee to maintain three self-cleaning bathrooms for the public.


Install several self-cleaning bathrooms throughout the City of Boston. That would include shopping malls throughout the city.


The self cleaning bathrooms will provide tourist and city residents a place to use the bathroom.


Too many businesses have a bathroom closed to the public. It is not good business. The self-cleaning bathrooms will run on cash, credit, debit or tokens.


Local businesses will have free tokens to hand to customers.


Park rangers and security guards will also have tokens.


All bathrooms will be monitored by cameras 24 hours per day.


Businesses are essential to any cities continued success and growth. Unfortunately at times businesses get hit by a disaster that has the risk of shutting them down.


Catastrophes such as in the middle of winter the heating stops working. Middle of summer The air conditioning breaks.


The catastrophe could shut a business down. A closed business means employee unemployment, an empty building. A bankrupt business.


I propose a Catastrophic Business Loan. A loan that can keep a business going when a catastrophe occurs.


The loan would be applied for and could be received in 48 hours.


As many of us have felt the sting of poor credit. The loan would be based on 6 months of the business payments for their rent and vendors.


Businesses would be required to present a letter of good standing from their vendors, Mortgage Companies or property owners.


The payment would go directly to the company hired to perform the work. The company must be Boston based, licensed and insured.


Have a history of performing the work. 5 positive letters of verifiable references.


The city will look for banks willing to work with business in our city to Keep business moving forward.

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