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Ending Boston’s Sanctuary City Status

Updated: 3 days ago

As the Mayor of Boston, I would fight to end Boston's Sanctuary City designation.

Require all vendors and corporations that do business with the City of Boston use E-Verify for all employees regardless of business size.

Corporate would need to show current and up to date Work Visas for all employees who are in America on a Work Visa.

We can not reward criminal activity.

The Boston Police will be given the duty of detaining Criminal Illegals and turning them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents.

I am against a blanket amnesty. We are living today in a city where criminals are warmer, safer, better fed than our nation's veterans, families, the disabled and seniors. That is not justice.

I am not anti-immigrant!! To say anti immigrant is a lie meant to confuse good people.

Migrate to America if you choose. Follow the path of legally being in America. I welcome you!

I am staunchly against people who illegally enter America. They begin their life in America as criminals.

They are criminals! Criminals who hide and are not held accountable! When must also stop romanticizing the plight of Criminal Illegals in America.

Illegal Workers are paid less, sometimes abused. The Criminal Worker has no Workman's Compensation if they are Injured while working illegally.

Illegal Workers have no retirement! No health or life insurance.

The life of Criminal Illegals is no tale of overcoming obstacles to live the "American Dream"! Stop pretending it is.

Illegal Workers lose in the end.

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