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Boston Needs 24 Hour Clinics

Boston needs 24 hour clinics. With tight and demanding work schedules and toss in children.


People tend to let their healthcare go to the wayside. I propose 24 hour clinics that would provide regular appointments.


Check ups. Dental and eye care. People with children may have an easier time finding a babysitter when their children are in bed for the night.


The care would be non emergency care. Routine appointments and check ups.


The availability of 24 hour Medical care could be great to cut down on work call outs and loss pay.


The clinics would be by reference of healthcare workers, clinicians and social workers.


Boston is blessed with the greatest Teaching Hospitals in the world. We will work with those amazing hospitals to provide such an urgently needed,  necessary service.


The 24 hour clinics could cut down pressure on emergency rooms in Boston.

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