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Boston and the Reparations Discussion

After researching the City of Boston and its role in Black Chattel Slavery. Oh, Boston was a Bastard. A debt is certainly owed. I found out facts about Boston's role in Chattel Slavery was horrific.

Boston thrived on shipping that involved transporting enslaved people or the products of their labor. The colony had a huge rum industry, made possible by the sugar harvested in the slavery-riddled Caribbean. And enslaved people in Central and South America mined the silver that Paul Revere used to manufacture his iconic kitchenware.

Rhode Island was the principal slave trading colony in New England, and Boston was one of the primary ports of departure for ships carrying enslaved people.

Enslaved people would make up between 10-12% of Boston's population throughout the early and mid 1700s. Boston was the center of New England slavery and more than 30% of the region's enslaved population lived in the town. 

The question is not is a debt owed to Black Bostonians. The question is how would Reparations be paid?

Where would the money come from?

Who is eligible?

I need to see more information and have discussions with others on Reparations and the City of Boston.

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