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Boston. A Safe Hub for Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence Victims

Photo provided by Engin Akyurt

I want Boston to be a Safe Haven for Human Trafficking Victims! Domestic Violence Victims. Secured building living, free counseling. Job training and education. 

Work with the District Attorney and police to strengthen legal protections that are part of the tragedy of violence.

I believe new settings for victims have the potential to save lives. I will create a task force on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking. 

The task force will look to work with other cities to see the feasibility of moving victims to a new, hopefully, safer environment. 

The goal is to give victims a new start to build positive, healthy, safer lives.

As Boston moves victims. Boston will accept victims. Once in their new environments, they will be supported for a time as they get education in trades, college, medical programs.

Life is a precious gift. As a humane and decent society, we must put all honest effort into strengthening, repairing and stabilizing the lives of victims.

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