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A Plan for Boston Seniors

There are over 80,000 Senior Citizens in the City of Boston. I have a great concern for our seniors and want them to live their lives in comfort, housing, with food and warmth.


To support Bostons Seniors I would create the City of Boston Senior Services Center.


The Senior Center would operate 24 hours a day. The center would provide services and resources to seniors in the City of Boston exclusively.


Seniors would be able to reach out for issues regarding their:


  • Safety

  • Food

  • Housing

  • Utilities


The Senior Center would create a database of willing Seniors who would receive monthly calls regarding their status and address and concerns they would have.


Before major storms, snowfalls or heatwaves. Seniors would be called to check on them.


Using local contractors, seniors lawns and snow removal would be done.


We would reach out to charities. We would ask our Legislators to bring our funding needs to Congress.


Boston will push to be a test city for a program to support our Amazing seniors who have paid their debt to us all.

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