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A different path in the Abortion discussion.

While I support a Woman's right to choose. I was part of an abortion decision. I regret it to this day.

We were afraid of what we would lose and that as parents we would fail.

So, we sat together and made that tough decision. At the time though we saw it only as the right decision.

My and her irresponsibility put us there. That is not the case for all women.

We must acknowledge That some women are forced into having an abortion. Domestic Violence, victims of rape and poor women concerned they can not give their child a good life. 

As I thought about the issue of abortion and Women's rights and why women have abortions. So I spoke with the experts.

I spoke to some Women on the reasons they have had an abortion or contemplated one.

This proposal gives some answers but more importantly a new, supportive way forward for those women who choose it.

The Proposal

I created this proposal because I want women to make their decision on abortion without outside forces having power over her decision.

I propose that Boston, with local state and federal help, will show expecting mothers and families that there are alternatives to abortion and they can, with a child, live a happy life.

I propose creating an agency responsible for working with and supporting women who choose to go forward with their pregnancy.

The alternate agency will provide support to Mothers wanting to keep and raise their child.

The Government and charities will support this new program.

The program will provide the following:

1. Emergency housing created strictly for the new program. In emergencies Women will be out in temporary "Scattered Housing".

2. Education assistance to provide pregnant women with the education to get a strong job in a strong productive field to provide for themselves and their new baby.

3. Job training. Whether technical or trade skills.

4. Free daycare. Then daycare vouchers till 1st grade. These vouchers will stay active while the child is in Kindergarten as support for working or parents in school.

5. Bi-weekly stipend and food assistance.

6. Therapy. Single and group. Drug treatment, if necessary.

7. Support in receiving restraining orders. Support on any issues concerning Domestic Violence.

Unlike many programs, boyfriends, husbands, and fiancés would be included in this program.

With the following criteria.

  1. No Domestic Violence charges.

  2. No Drug or Alcohol Convictions.

  3. No Gun Convictions or charges.

Rules will be created to provide the highest standards of safety and security.

I include the spouse or boyfriend to prevent the sneaky nonsense that follows humans.

The partner must follow all guidelines and rules of the Women in the program.

Therapy, education, job training etc...

Every criteria with no exceptions or guideline diminishment.

The goal is for the organization to build a strong, supportive family unit. A unit that will get strong and move into their own housing.

This is not the end all be all. This is yet another option and a different option in supporting Bostons amazing Women.

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