Women’s Human Rights

The year is 2022!

America is being attacked from the leaders America put into government to protect our rights, our people and our great nation.

I was shocked to hear the United States Supreme Court, stole under the law Women's rights.

My Administration will fight that decision constantly challenging the wrong the Supreme Court has done.

My great concern is that state law makers will make laws governing pregnant Women. Drinking, smoking and eating will be regulated. To see Republicans proud of the Supreme Court shows the court is political. After fifty years the court just decided Roe was improperly allowed.

If Women are forced to have children?

America better damn well provide for Women and their recovery.

Government $1500 monthly stipend for Pregnant Women. Increase of jail time for Woman abusers who hurt Pregnant Women. Federal death penalty for the murder of a pregnant woman. $900 per month in food assistance. 2 months paid stipend to heal.

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