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Plan to reinvigorate and support our Military

Updated: May 13

I am severely angry at the lack of resources and support for our brave military members currently serving. Disabled Veterans, Veterans and their families.

I will create a high level military committee to explore the services, supports and administration surrounding America's brave military.

The military proposals and advancements committee will meet 4 times monthly for 6 months.

This will be a panel of the highest priority. This panel will be led by two members of the Joint Chief of Staff. Two current service members.

Two Veterans and Disabled Veterans.The panel will be led by the Vice President of the United States.

After 6 months the committee will present needed changes to the President then Congress.

To make a commitment to defend America and her citizens is made by a special kind of citizen. Saying I love you to your family, friends and loved ones is hard.

We must continue to acknowledge not just in words but fresh new supportive actions the families of the brave men and women who make the honorable commitment to serve our nation.

Supporting those military families will require all military bases on foreign soil to have all housing comply with America's housing codes and standards.

This will be a mandatory requirement for all American bases that house military families. For those who are home, I have created proposals to support these families.

The last thing an American Service Member needs is worry that at home their family is facing financial hardships.

Though we do not want to speak it.

Some service members could be vulnerable to criminal sources offering service members money to commit criminal acts or one criminal act.

These brave souls go to honorably serve their nation.

Knowing that for your honorable duty, you may not return home.

To show our commitment to exceptional military, I propose the following:

1. An immediate increase in pay for all service members, current and veteran. No member of the military should have a GoFundMe page to help pay their bills.

Although the salary increase is more than deserved. The increase in pay will not be retroactive.

The military must become the gold standard of American service. The military must be competitive, and rewards and benefits are worth committing to.

2. A complete audit within thirty days of all military equipment and weapons used during their commitment to our nation.

We must guarantee no service member goes to their duty assignment without proper advanced weapons, Technology and body armor and other body protection.

All weapons and equipment must be at the forefront and at best for the protection of soldiers and conflicts.

Commit our dedication as our nation's leaders, no soldier will enter any field of peace as well without the proper gear to support their successful assignment or mission.

3. Audit all new assets of the military arsenal and scrap any failed projects. No second chance.

The Research and Development Budget for the United States Military will cut out research and development military technology showing no promise after a reasonable amount of time.

As a nation we must realize that no military member serves alone. Their families and friends play a vital role in the lives of those serving our nation.

I propose a "Military Family Bill Of Rights. No service member serving should have any worry in their mind that their family is facing

hardships at home.

I propose the following:

All family members of service personnel should have the option of receiving food assistance, while a service member is deployed in a separate state, foreign nation or combat.

Immediate families of deployed soldiers on active duty and in foreign lands or deployed in combat, will be given immediate protection from foreclosures, repossessions or the shut down or loss of any and all utilities.

The inclusion on Mac flights to visit their loved one in service to our country. Would include two flights per year.

The United States will work with airlines to create "special rates" for families to visit loved ones serving our nation.

This protection will stay in place till the service member returns home.

Payment plans will be utilized to keep families from falling farther behind on their financial commitments.

Space Force

I fully support the Space Force.

The next great area of concern is space.

Today, humanity still wants to win. In an effort to be the best and win. Nations of the world are turning to space for military technological advantages with new space based weaponry for defensive and offensive capabilities.

Space Force is America's answer to other nations creating new offensive and defensive space based technology.

Through military and corporate support cooperation. New technology will lead the world for good.

The Space Force will develop next generation technology that will benefit the military and commercial use.

Veterans Mental Health

America's military service members and Veterans are the best in the world.

After serving bravely and honorably some Veterans come home with mental illness.

Mental illnesses that often negatively harm their lives.

There are three primary mental health concerns that you may encounter serving in the military.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

In 2020, there were 6,146 Veteran suicides, which averages to 16.8 Veterans dying by suicide every day.

Additionally, in the two decades between 2001 and 2020, the prevalence of mental health or substance use disorder (SUD) among participants using Veterans Health Administration (VHA) rose from 27.9% to 41.9%.

February 6, 2023.

Utilizing this data, the VA stated that there was an average of 22.2 Veteran suicides a day in 2010 (pg. 15).

With this statement, came awareness campaigns or promotions that you may have heard of, such as the 22 pushup challenge or 22Kill Pushup Challenge. November 30, 2022.

I support the following:

A. 24 hour trained Mental Health Professionals in vans on duty 24 hours per day. Identifying and supporting veterans daily.

B. Create group homes for Veterans who need communal support. Trained staff for their support.

C. 24 hour access to emergency housing placement. This will not be temporary. Understanding addiction and mental health issues.

The federal government will work with all states to create a program to move Veterans to different states and areas if it will continue to support their positive growth and recovery.

The goal is to move those in recovery away from their triggering points, dealers etc.. the potentially harmful things, areas and persons who help keep their addictions and mental health unstable.

D. Immediate access to detox and other drug treatment services. Wounded and soldiers killed in action.

My administration will create a special committee to study and change the way injured service members are classified and supported for their injuries received in combat and during peacetime.

I am very concerned with the fairness and reality of current classifications of injured service members.

This study will be led by the Vice President of the United States. Homes for Our Heroes as the world evolves and technology advances.

Many of our service members will be returning home.

We must give our service members safe, viable and sustainable housing options.

Rebuilding and strengthening America's cities, towns and rural communities will be a huge, essential priority.

Supporting our military. Supporting current service members, active members. America's disabled Veterans.

I must state this twice. I use the great City of Detroit as an example of just one of the amazing American cities that need a hand up.

I propose that we look to cities like Detroit. The lack of jobs and housing conditions are driving citizens out of the city. As the citizens leave, they leave empty and dilapidated houses.

I propose the American Government and the city of Detroit unite and repair those homes that are damaged and replace properties beyond repair.

Those houses would be able for current and former military veterans. Disabled Veterans to turn into homes.

If available, 47% of the work in homes, on streets and piping must go to minority companies which have their business based in Detroit.

Newly repaired homes would be offered first to those who are Disabled Veterans, Veterans and those currently serving.

This will be done in no particular order. We will create variety and mixed living housing.

The city would have appointed three banks to provide mortgages and financing. Credit scores will not be considered.

The criteria will consist of stability, work history and the ability for future employment.

To address Disabled Veterans, a series of homes will be built to provide our Wounded Warriors, comfortable accessible housing.

In order to move the chosen city forward. The city will reach out to new and flourishing renewable energy companies.

Cities will reach out to technology companies.

As an incentive to move their businesses into the city. The city will offer a twenty-year tax-free period.

The businesses must commit to remain in the city after the tax-free period expires.

We will use Detroit as an example and starting point. We will show our brave service personnel our commitment to their success, safety and security. The same as our military personnel do for us.

In America, we must ensure that our honorable service men and women are supported. Supported not only while in service but after their active service ends.

Too many of our brave heroes who defend our shores and oppose our enemies are left to fall through the cracks once they return home.

America, We are well overdue to fix this.

I use the City of Detroit as an example of one of many cities in America in need of human power and jobs.

Rural towns and small communities will also be utilized with their approval of course.

Too many cities in America are seeing empty dilapidated buildings. Buildings and houses that could be rehabbed for homeless housing.

We must make the commitment to our honorable and brave service members of the United States Military.

The military has not met its recruitment goal for a few years. We must show Americans that military service is rewarding, fulfilling an advantageous lifestyle.

The creation of mixed communities will show future potential service members that the military is noble and rewarding.

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