The US Military Plan

Updated: Jan 16

I am severely angry at the lack of resources and support for our brave military members, current and veterans are receiving. To make a commitment to defend America and her citizens is made by a special kind of citizen. Saying goodbye to your family, friends and loved ones is hard. Knowing that for your honorable duty, you may not return home.


To show our commitment to exceptional military, I propose the following:

1. An immediate increase in pay for all service members, current and veteran. No member of the military should have a GoFundMe page to help pay their bills.

Although the salary increase is more than deserved. The increase in pay will not be retroactive.

The military must become the gold standard of American service. The military must be competitive, and rewards and benefits are worth committing to.

2. A complete audit within thirty days of all military equipment and weapons used during their commitment to our nation.

All weapons and equipment must be at the forefront and at best for the protection of soldiers and conflicts.

Commit our dedication as our nation's leaders, no soldier will enter any field of conflict or peace keeping without the best protective gear.

3. Audit all new assets of the military arsenal and scrap any failed projects. No second chance.

4. All family members of service personnel should have the option of receiving food assistance, while a service member is deployed.

5. As the world evolves and technology advances. Many of our service members will be returning home. We must give our service members housing options.

I propose that we look to cities like Detroit, where the lack of jobs and housing conditions are driving citizens out of town. As the citizens leave, they leave empty and dilapidated houses.

I propose the government and the city of Detroit unite and repair those that are damaged and replace properties beyond repair.

If available, 47% of the work in homes, on streets and piping, must go to minority companies, which have their business based in Detroit.

Newly repaired homes would be offered first to those who serve our nation and to our veterans.

The city would have appointed three banks to provide mortgages and financing. Credit scores will not be considered. The criteria will consist of stability, work history and the ability for future employment.

To address disabled veterans, a series of homes will be built to provide our wounded warriors, comfortable housing.

In order to move Detroit forward more, the city of Detroit will reach new and flourishing renewable energy companies. Detroit will reach out to technology companies. As an incentive to move their businesses into Detroit. The city of Detroit will allow a ten year tax free period. The businesses must commit to remain in Detroit after the tax free period expires.

6. Space Force will be fully supported and its growth, considered essential to America's national security.

We will use Detroit as a starting point. We will show our brave service personnel our commitment to their success. The same as our military personnel do for us.


America, we must ensure that our honorable service men and women are completely taken care of, not only while in service, but, after their active service ends. Too many of our brave heroes who defend our shores and oppose our enemies are left to fall through the cracks once they return home. We are well overdue to fix this.

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