Updated: Aug 23

Reparations for Black Americans at this moment in time would be horrific and not beneficial to average Black Americans.

Some Black Americans and are far less educated than their White counter parts due to over crowded schools, criminally under paid teachers and poor community and parent support.

You would give black people money?


Black Americans face, predatory lenders, racist home appraisers and the inability to live safe and comfortably, where they choose. Poor black folks, are hard working, but clearly not on honest and fair ground, as White Americans.


Do you know what it is like to have nothing but dream of one day having the best! That pain of wanting your bills paid and comfort?

As a social worker, I have hugged and held the hands of hundreds of overwhelmed fearful black people, who just wanted a chance.

Reparations, however, would not do that for them. While black folk like myself would get stock and maybe rental property.

Poor black folks, who have been down, I fear, would run to Prada, Guess, Sean John and every other expensive company that does not give a damn about a black person, or the Black community.

It will be justified in their minds by saying, I deserve the best too. Moneys gone! Back to poverty, but with a few so called nice things. Loses again!

If reparations is insisted. I propose the following:

  • The United States government creates an agency to support Black Americans who receive reparations. Their would be a support division to support Black Americans who want education and training. 


Before you professional engross and crying, whining, White liberals, and professional,  Black victims, open your ignorant mouths.

The old ways, do not work. Example, tax time! How much black tax money, goes to Nike, PlayStation and Nintendo?? How does that strengthen the Black home?

Black money goes to companies that do not do a damn thing for the Black community. Truth is, you walk into their stores, you are watched like a criminal.

COVID-19 Stimulus Relief money. How much actually went to paying rent? A moratorium does not mean, take money, go nuts.

It is as if you need Black people, poor Black to fail!! Why? How does that improve our nation and support the next generation of Black Americans.

What exactly is in it for you???

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