Reflection on the Iraq War

Updated: Jan 30

I am an angry Candidate for President!

No person is ever held accountable for their actions. People move on to their next failed political decision.

President, George Bush, JR. United States Commander In Chief. President Bush ordered members of America's bravest warriors into battle in Iraq.

They were ordered to the nation of Iraq to destroy Iraq's ability to create, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

President Bush, deployed, 69,000, service members, into war, with Iraqi, troops.

4,431, of those brave souls, died and will never hold a loved one again! Dead!!

31,994, were injured. No matter the size of the injury, there can be a mental injury that never heals.

My Issues!!!

My main point of anger!

Was it necessary for one American soldier to get a deployment order to Iraq?

Israel is the massive superpower in the Middle East. We know because America gives Israel billions in military and foreign aid.

Israel would be in far more danger from a nuclear Iraq than any American interest in the region. Israel has superior fighters, missiles, and a world-famous intelligence organization. The Mossad. Did America's President or Generals consider asking Israel to be our proxy? Was it even discussed? I want to know!

The nation of Iran was once mortal enemies of Iraq and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Iran would never allow a nuclear Iraq. Did America's military leaders look at Iran? America has worked with our enemies in the past to achieve a goal. Was Iran viewed as an option?

America's military is not fodder or a tool of a leader who had his feelings hurt!

No American leader should dare be so bold as to put America's military in danger unless every other option is militarily ruled out.

Did America's Congress ask any of the questions I have posed?

We watched our representatives see our bravest off to war. Did those representatives ask every question?

To add the greatest insult to our military!! The United States Government has the boldness to tell injured American soldiers, what percentage they are injured.

The Government then decides what percentage of benefits the injured soldier receives.

I am serious!

An injured foot could be 30%. How much of that 30% is the anguish that soldier has to mentally deal with for the rest of their life.

They go to war 100%, ready to honorably serve their nation! A soldier gets injured? That soldier is assigned an injury number.

Let us make sure putting soldiers in danger is definitively necessary! 1st duty of any Commander!

Has any member of our Government said, "I am sorry for my war vote?"

How many funerals have those war-supporting members of Congress attended?

No consequences! No consequences!

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