Race: A Discussion We Need To Have

Updated: Nov 25

American Independent Candidate for the President of the United State 2024

Race: The Gray Area we as a nation must have a conversation on and repair this nations wrongs.

In order for America, to move forward together, we must have a discussion about race.

We must look at race as the issue it is. A divisive issue that legitimately invokes rage in many Americans.

White Americans initiated a hateful brutal practice of slavery on Black Africans in the southern states of America.

Africans, stolen from their homeland and brought to America.

African slaves were treated as commodities, lower than animals. Raped, murdered, beaten, hung and burned.

No justice for them!

That hideous crime and murderous brutality were brought by majority, White men.

That is an unarguable fact of history.

Bold, strong and brave Africans jumped off ships and killed themselves rather than be a slave. In America, slaves longed for that freedom too.

One such amazing courageous woman who demanded her freedom was the brave Mrs. Harriet Tubman, a Black slave who led thousands of slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

A set up of houses, barns and marshes where slaves could safely rest as they ran for their freedom.

They ran for their lives.

I am going to take a pause here. The upper portion of my view could instill rage in anyone with a heart soul or anyone who loves their freedom.

The Underground Railroad was the essential reason along with bravery and sheer strength

many slaves tasted their freedom.

Did you know? The homes of the Underground Railroad where often homes of many White people?

White people, who risked their lives, the burning of their homes, the loss of employment or even murder. Those brave folk took a great risk to their families way of life and potential murder.

Those White souls knew slavery was evil and wrong.

Those White folk, fed cared for and kept warm. No, not Black slaves in their home. No, Black humans, who deserved respect freedom and not to be abused.

During the Civil Rights Era. White people marched hand in hand with Black Americans, demanding basic human rights for Black Americans.

People stood united against hate.

I point this out because the professional race baiters try to keep us divided with race. Stop falling for it!

White people of today should not be punished for their ancestors sins.

America must acknowledge many very rich companies through ancestors may be wealthy and strong today due to their ancestors profit from slavery.

White people must acknowledge that while the white people of today did not put the racist practices in place.

Wealthy white Americans do benefit from them.

I said wealthy white Americans.

Poor hite America is getting no special breaks from society.

You say, huh?

The Black Panthers, an organization created to empower Black Americans.

FBI, Director, racist trash, J. Edgar Hoover, authorized the Federal Bureau of Investigations to destroy that of Black organizations.

Through the use of treacherous Black traitors, the Black Panther members were either assassinated or jailed by the police.

At no time in history that I can find has the Black Panthers beaten or raped a White woman.

The Panthers did not bomb a White church or hang till dead any White man.

The Black Panthers were assassinated, arrested and destroyed by their government.

You clearly see the racism in that. In the year 2021 the murderous, raping and bombing, Klu Klux Klan, still exists and marches proudly to let America know, we are here.

Why is that?

Insult again to Black Americans, the Democrats, elect former Klu Klux Klan, Grand Cyclops, Robert Byrd, as a United States Senator. Slap!

As a nation, we must face these truths.

The Black Panthers are jailed or murdered?

The disgusting Terrorist of the KKK, for all I know, are the murdering White cops? The White judges who give evil sentences to Black convicts?

Why is it fair that nervousness fills my mind when dealing with White people in authority??

We must also apologize and give our Native brothers and sisters all the support, they request.

The treatment of Native Americans, should make all leaders of America, bow their heads in shame.

Thank the heavens, Native Americans are a proud, strong culturally rich people who will not be broken.

How is that?

The land of their Ancestor's was stolen.

Before I announce my plan to support our brothers and sisters, I want to meet Native Americans to hear their truths.

I want to absolutely leave no doubt about my feelings on my nation.

I am so very blessed and proud to be born an American. While other nations are also great. God gave me the golden kiss.

White Americans, as a whole are not racist, not hate filled and evil. The average White person wants:

1. A comfortable living and a retirement.

2. A safe home and security, where they live.

3. To provide the needs for their families.

As a nation, the nation, I dearly love. Is in fact a racist nation.

Racist, not because of every day White Americans. America is racist because America allows some form of Jim Crow to thrive in our nation.

America must with a quickness and unforgiving clarity, slap down the racist policies and racist actions that have hard working Black Americans moving at a slower pace in American society.

Americans must acknowledge the following truths:

Black Americans may not live in any American neighborhood, they choose. The threat of harm or intimidation is captured on videos, numerous times daily.