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Quality of Life Improvements

Updated: 3 days ago

  • Self cleaning toilets throughout the city of Boston

  • Create a comprehensive Rat Control Program.

  • Requiring all motor bikes regardless of power to have a license plate and insurance.

  • Bicycles will be required to have some form of identification like a license plate.

  • The city will install active traffic cameras at all major city intersections. Tickets by mail to those drivers who block the intersection. The first round sent out to drivers will be a friendly reminder to not block intersections.

  • Boston will review our towing policies and create a strong Tow Oversight Board.

I am convinced at least percent of Bostons traffic woes will end with strict enforcement.

Public Services

Create a police drone patrol division. A Drone Patrol that regularly runs through the City of Boston.

Make sure Boston Emergency response personnel are always in the top 5 in America in pay, benefits, access to resources to serve the community, protection and training.

Invest in the latest technologies for Public safety, traffic control, road repairs, snow removal etc..

Trauma Centers

The City of Boston will do an assessment and study of putting a Trauma Center in the Dorchester, Milton area. We would look to work with our neighbors to see the costs, the need and where it would be placed.

Saving lives is stuck to my heart! ❤️ 

The closet Trauma Centers to Dorchester in Boston are located at Boston Medical Tufts and Mass General. The distance. 

Boston Medical Center

16 min (3.3 mi)

via Geneva Ave and Warren St


21 min (7.5 mi)

via I-93 N

Mass General

25 min (11.5 mi)

via I-93 N

The new Trauma Center will be instrumental in saving precious lives when time is of the most importance. 

Along with the Trauma Centers we would be sure Boston has the most up to date Advanced Life Support Rigs(ALS).

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