Prostitution: A Business No One Wants To Talk About

Updated: Jan 27

I fully support the Legalization of Prostitution in America. Prostitution isn't going to go poof and disappear because police pretend to be horny.

With regard to the Legalization of Prostitution, I propose the following:

1. Prostitution will be Legalized, regulated by the state and taxed.

2. Prostitution, which is a monetary act, will be licensed and regulated.

3. Prostitutes, Sex Workers and Sex Agents, to be licensed must take courses on sexual issues and diseases.

4. There will be no street prostitution. Sex Workers will make appointments with clients for private meetings.

Women and Men, who are arrested for, Sex Work without the proper license, will face jail time Because; society knows there are evil people who prey viciously on others. Any person arrested without a license will be evaluated for their safety. The goal is to make it clear that they themselves are not a victim of Human Trafficking and the forced sex trade.

Children are a special class of victim. A child's defenses are small compared to their abusers.

Police officers who have been assigned to Prostitution stings.

1. Trained in Internet Crimes and assigned to that unit.

2. Patrol officers take control of Prostitution arrest.

Americans have our issues! America still has demons lurking!

Be aware, those who will hurt the most vulnerable in society. American Law Enforcement can lurk too!

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