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Prison Reform

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Prison should be an institution of punishment and preparation for those who will one day be released.

American prisons today are violent, dangerous places where a prisoner could be murdered, raped, assaulted or extorted. Those are the horrors I know of.

Nowhere in the Constitution or any State law, says that being raped or murdered in prison, while confined is part of their sentence.

Gangs run prisons and divide prisons as they did on the streets. Prison gangs have become the most severe danger to staff and other prisoners.

Correction Officers are human beings who have, doubt, worry and fear as do we all. In the confined environment of a prison.

Correction Officers can be threatened, coerced, or even choose to commit criminal acts with prisoners as accessories or partners.

My Prison Reform plan addresses those very serious issues.

Prison Reform is essential to curb recidivism.

A violent criminal who murders, rapes or molests their victim must be locked in their cell 23 hours per day. Prisoners would be handcuffed and blind folded whenever leaving their cell.

I support privately owned and run prisons.

These prisons will be heavily monitored and secured. The private prisons will only hold the most dangerous prisons under 24 hour detention.

Prison Reform Proposals

1. All Correction Officers must be required to wear a body camera. Officers who block or cover their camera, must be suspended, without pay.

2. Correction officers who commit criminal acts related to their position must face mandatory incarceration.

3. Officers must always work in teams of two and never be allowed alone at any time with any prisoner.

Prisons often serve predators unarmed unprepared prey.

Gang bangers, murderers, must always be separate from the non-violent offenders.

A non-violent offender only learns to be a victim of violent offenders or becomes a more dangerous criminal.

We must rate their level of crime and the non-violent, non-dangerous offender should be housed completely separate from violent offenders.

America is such a contradiction in yet another form. We tell Americans, you commit a crime, serve your sentence and do not offend again.

America continues to punish offenders once they have served their sentence and are released.

With the title felon? Where does an offender go? Who wants to hire a felon? The word felon shuts most doors.

I support giving tax breaks to companies, who give felons a chance. Tax breaks that will continue as long as the felon is employed with the company.

Have you ever felt desperate? Have you ever felt, if the opportunity arose, you would do something illegal?

Put yourself in the mind of a felon. Honest opportunities for work are met with closed doors.

A felon needs to eat, feed themselves and their families. When you are shut out of gainful employment and cannot feed yourself or your family.

Some may be pushed back into committing a crime. What reason is there to not go back to a life of crime?

Like so many others, I am no ideological blinded soul. I have apprehension and disagreements with myself regarding issues in our nation.

The death penalty is one such issue.

The Death Penalty

I want an evil soul who murders and kills the innocent to, for certain acts, be sentenced to death.

I want the killers to feel that fear and worry as they are walked to their death. I have to ask though?

Is a life of being in a cell for the rest of your days worse? I question the fairness of the ultimate punishment.

I see many poor murderers executed.

I have never seen a rich White or Black murderer walk to their death.

The death penalty is an issue which I am torn on. I don't have all the answers. I would never want to. The unknowing in life can always be wonderful.

New prisons should be created strictly for the non-violent offender. Non-violent offenders that will for sure return to society. We own a duty to our fellow citizens to prepare the felon to do better upon release.

My Proposal

A non-violent offender only learns to be a victim of violent offenders or becomes a better criminal.

We must rate their level of crime and the nonviolent, non-dangerous offender should be housed, completely separate from violent offenders.

1. Obtaining a General Equivalency Diploma or Diploma, will be required to be considered for probation or parole.

2. Mandatory drug treatment and counseling for release.

3. Trade or technical programs would be offered for prisoners and a trade would need to be in the stages of learning before release.

The classes and training would start while the inmate is incarcerated.

The main goal?

Separate violent from non-violent offenders.

Housing the two together creates new victims for stronger offenders and possibly tougher and more dangerous, non-violent offenders.

Women Prison and Release

A class of prisoners often left overlooked is women. Women inmates face a lack of preparedness, housing and chemical dependency treatment.

Women also face domestic violence, loss of children and issues with reconnecting with children who grew and matured as the inmate served her sentence.

Pre-release programs should be abundant and ready to meet the needs of inmates returning to society.

This reconnection will be included during Pre-Release.

1. Drug treatment.

2. Secure, safe housing.

3. Reunification family services.

4. Counseling.

5. Family Reunification Counseling.

6. Classes on new and current technology.

7. Classes on resources available to the newly released.

Serious issues include:

1. Currently some states pay inmates who work in facilities one dollar ($1.00) per day.

The idea of $1.00 for work can create desperation in a prisoner who has child support, victim restitution or the everyday needs of personal hygiene.

Inmates' pay will be raised. Pay should be raised to an hourly paid system or a much higher daily prison wage.


Commissary is the way in which prisoners get basic needs such as soap and deodorant. Commissary can also have snacks and food.

Inmates pay for commissary items. The prices of those items must be at local everyday prices. Raising the prices of commissary items would be prohibited.

Prison cafeteria food must be given a serious review.

Food for Inmates should be healthy meals. Meals should be based on dietary necessities and needs.

Food must never be used by the Institution for punishment or reward. Inmates must be given two snack options per day.

Society has decided the punishment for certain crimes is institutionalization.

Institutionalization is the penalty. Being murdered, raped, extorted or harmed in any way does nothing except create a potential new threat upon prison release.

It serves society no good to create an even more angry or dangerous felon released into society. Potential victims should not face harm due to society's negligence in reforming and preparing the inmate for release.

Inmates who report criminal and abusive behavior must be protected from retaliation by prison staff. Inmates must be free to point out the wrongs they are forced to deal with in prison.

Addendum added 02/01/2022

The prison system of the United States should be a symbol of justice, rehabilitation, and a positive return to society.

A symbol to the world that punishment, rehabilitation is possible.

Race, age, sex, gender should only be Involved in the assignment of the prison facility. Fair, equal treatment. The non-negotiable rule!

Many correctional officers fear for their lives daily.

Correction Officers have been intimidated and murdered. Some prison guards are just as untrustworthy.

Constitutional Failures

I plan to file a lawsuit against the United States for the 8th amendment constitutional violation forced upon prisoners America has decided must be punished by removal from society for their crimes.

The United States Constitution lists nowhere in the document where rape, being sold to another prisoner's, pulling bugs out of your provided prison meals.

I could, unfortunately, list many more cases of abuse put on prisoners.

Prisoners do not make a choice to be raped.

They cannot move at the moment before assault and violation of their human dignity to go elsewhere.

Prisoners have only the food given to them to eat. Prisoners may not choose the "no bug in food" option.

American prisoners are unsafe, inhumane. The process of correcting the travesty must begin immediately!

The eighth amendment to the United States Constitution states: "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

This amendment prohibits the federal government from imposing unduly harsh penalties on criminal defendants.

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