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Fighting Poverty in America

Updated: Mar 28

America is a nation that sends billions to foreign nations. The nations use that money to feed their people.

They use that money to vaccinate their citizens. Other uses as well to strengthen their nation's people.

The United States gave the following over the represented years in foreign aid.

In fiscal year 2020 (October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020), the US government allocated $51.05 billion US dollars in economic and military assistance to foreign countries. Of this total, $39.41 billion dollars was spent on economic assistance, $25.64 billion of which was dispersed by USAID. (2023 Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Policy).

The United States supports foreign nations to feed and house their people.

Here in America, millions of children of all backgrounds and races go hungry or are food insecure.

The numbers are deplorable for any highly advanced nation.

1 in 8 kids are at risk for hunger. Black and Latino children are more likely to face hunger than white children because of systemic racial injustice. According to the USDA, in 2021, 22% of Black children were food insecure, and 18.5% of Latino children were food insecure.

This study does not include the white and Asian children who are food insecure. We must not diminish their suffering and lack of resources.

The aid delivered by the United States to foreign nations goes to their delivering drinking water to their people.

While foreign nations use America's donated funds to provide freshwater to their people.

Millions of Americans have no access to freshwater or uncontaminated water. Millions have no access to water at all.

The Safe Drinking Water Act is meant to ensure that everyone has safe water to drink.

However, 2 million people in America lack access to running water, 60 million are exposed to contaminated water, and 15 million have had their water shut off.Oct 17, 2022

Americans are being crushed by poverty. Poverty encompasses so many issues in our nation.

The numbers are staggering.

As of January 2021, 37.9 million Americans lived in poverty, accounting for 11.6% of the total population, according to the latest report from the United States Census Bureau.Mar 7, 2023

We acknowledge crime is higher in the poorer communities in our nation.

A 1% rise in poverty would amount to a 2.16% rise in crime and a 2.57% rise in violent crime (4-

6). Therefore, an increase in poverty directly increases crime rates in America.

Many of the people represented by these numbers are unrepresented by the leadership of the American government.

My administration knows that poverty must be controlled and eventually destroyed.

My administration will create a Council on American Poverty.

They will create and act on proposals and programs to fight poverty on all levels.

They will look at the overall sources of poverty and the harmful causes of poverty.

They will within 60 days release a report detailing the programs to fight poverty on the federal level using federal land and resources.

State leaders will be brought in and the administration will propose federal government funding to the states and cities based on their population of those in need in their state.

We fight to move such an emergency issue forward by executive order whenever necessary.

This issue is so urgent that we do not have time to put the issue in the hands of any Republican or Democrat.

I know the duopoly is not for the American people! Damn sure not for the poor people suffering in our nation.

This includes seizing unkempt land. Using imminent domain to create the structures needed to fight and eventually end poverty in America.

The creation of a United States committee on poverty will have the starter phases put in motion before my inauguration.

The committee will consist of 13 members. The council lead will be from a city or state agency that has actual street counseling experience.

The council will include 2 politicians of differing parties. 2 construction contractors. 2 attorneys. 3 current or very recent street counselors. 2 current or former recent members of city law enforcement. 1 high ranking member of the current administration.

The committee will create stability in the United States of America for those in need for a happier, healthy and safe life.

On homelessness. We recognize drug addiction and mental health issues contribute greatly to the homelessness situation in America.

The administration will deliver money to cities to higher hundreds of mental health and addiction counselors to work with other street counselors to provide resources to the homeless population of that city or town.

The administration will work with states to create more mental health treatment centers and addiction detox recovery centers.

The federal government will work with states to be able to provide 24 hour access to emergency housing and addiction recovery beds.

Currently, some states have extremely limited access to beds for mental health treatment and addiction detox and recovery beds.

Some of these proposals are listed alone for their particular issue in other parts of my campaign. Some of it in poverty will be repetitive. The issue of poverty is all encompassing.


One of the most important aspects of fighting homelessness is the understanding that a significant amount of homeless suffer from mental illness or drug addiction.

Upon successful treatment. Communities need to have addiction and mental health recovery group homes.

States will work together to provide new housing for addicts or the mentally ill in other states.

As a former Social Worker, I know that often addicts strive in new environments, away from the trauma, addictions and trouble they know they must get away from.

The homeless need to go from treatment directly to their recovery housing.

While in recovery housing. Recovered individuals will be released from recovery housing directly to their new home.

Social Workers will then take over support and help with resources for the formerly homeless individuals.

Job training training programs will be identified. The newly housed capable of working will be given job training and job search support.

Businesses who hire the formerly the homeless or released convicts will receive a beneficial tax package for the hiring and retention of these individuals.

California, New York and Florida have the highest homeless rates in America. Minorities rank highest in homelessness.

2.5 million children are homeless in America.

Men are more likely to be homeless.

Homelessness in America is only getting worse.

The main reason for homelessness is a lack of affordable housing.

Lack of Public Housing:

  1. Land taken through eminent domain or purchased will be used to build housing. New housing will lower rents and house those in need of a home.

  2. We will fund a massive grant in each state, strictly to fund and increase subsidized housing. Housing based on income.

Lack of homeowners unwilling to rent to those with problem credit:

  • We will create tax incentives and tax rebates to encourage homeowners to rent to those with low or poor credit.

Low wages and cost of daily living needs.

People may think they are safe in their home.

There's the invisible homeless.

  • Those 64% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck cannot afford a serious illness or they could become homeless.

Catastrophic illness.

Natural disaster.

Sudden loss of job.

Homelessness is an American issue and we are all vulnerable depending on what circumstances life may bring us.

A Living Wage Proposal

This proposal is for a stronger future for many more in America today. My wage proposal for American workers will be a package.

It will consist of the following:

Extremely important is my proposal to raise pay to $22.00 per hour.

With that proposal.

Food assistance will be opened to more Americans making up to $60,000 per year.

Food assistance will consist of $350 every two weeks. $150 per child.

Daycare vouchers will be provided till first grade.

It is essential to the safety of our nation to provide housing that is up to code and safe.

Another reason ending homelessness requires an urgent emergency response. America must be ready for pandemics.

It is critical for communicable diseases that we do not have almost one million people living on the streets, under bridges in cars or in vans.

They could be constant carriers and spreaders of communicable pandemic illnesses.

We have to get to work immediately.

To support those close to poverty and those who become suddenly ill.

There needs to be a safety net not Social Security. Social Security takes too long and has too high a denial rate. The denial rate is high even for those clearly very sick.

I developed this program for those Americans who get a sudden catastrophic illness diagnosis.

Catastrophic illness support program

Major illnesses like cancer! ALS! Alzheimer's and others that may end life. Would be included in catastrophic support for afflicted Americans.

It would include:

A. Complete medical coverage. Treatments, visits, copays. This will include dental and eye care coverage

B. Immediate protection from foreclosure, repossession. Shutting off of life essential services. Water, gas, heat, etc.

C. 1200 per month food stipend to cover special diets for stronger health needs.

D. Full free medical coverage including medication. Foreign nation medical coverage. Medical coverage for experimental care and procedures.

Even if you are not affected. A catastrophic illness to a loved one can drain resources fast.

We all deserve a chance for life.


The government support program works in conjunction with your current health insurance and benefit program.

Your government stipend will have a portion sent to your creditors. To keep you up on payments and bills paid.

It would be wrong to not pay bill obligations.

Companies have employees and debts as well and will not be forced to write off payable debt.

Payments from the catastrophic plan would go directly to creditors monthly.

Other issues to strengthen those amongst us struggling just to make rent or mortgage happen monthly.


Autistic, nonverbal, geniuses, average, disabled, differently and all other children, will feel and we will show how they matter to our great nation.

Children must have a complete, supportive and truthful education. An education that prepares American children for a technical, diverse, fast paced world.

We must reduce classes to less than 22 students per class. Provide all classes a teacher's aide.

To reduce class sizes and maximize educational learning. I support Charter Schools. I support Private Schools.

Private Schools paid for by the states.

We will supply students at every opportunity knowledge and safe and supported education. American children must be at the forefront of innovation, technology and achievement.

We must teach children coding. A student's learning of coding should begin with baby steps in elementary school.

These proposals will not be rushed. Students will gradually eased into the new programs I propose.

We must keep students up to date and given advanced training in the latest computer technology and technological advancements.

This must begin the first year of Junior High School.

American students will begin language training in kindergarten. The education will continue every semester with that student learning the language.

The final result is that a government grant will pay for the students to visit the foreign nations home to the language they have been dedicated to learn.

This will prepare students for a diverse America. Prepare students for a diverse world.

We must prepare those children who excel faster in learning for their next educational phase.

Some children will advance faster and should not be held back from their great potential and success.

We must keep and return advanced classes to all schools. Also beginning the first year of Junior High School.

Workshops will be created to help teachers and parents to identify, support and advance Special Needs Students.

We will not allow children with special needs to feel punished because people in their lives do not understand their unique needs.

Education Assessments

All school children will have an Individual Education Plan. (IEP) Technology and Medical Advancements are continually changing.

America's Education System should be reviewed, assessed, and adjusted, every four years.

American Students must be Educated and Supported to recognize, understand and utilize the latest Technology, Philosophical Theories and be able to put all to successful action.

We must acknowledge that teachers, after a strong family, are the key to a child's successes.

The importance of teachers must be recognized and appreciated.

Teachers starting pay should be highly competitive. Far above the $62,000 average.

Teachers should be paid a very competitive rate and given a monthly housing stipend.

The housing stipend is meant to encourage teachers to go to and keep areas from being underserved.

In America, teachers should be our superstars and we must support them in their ultra-important task of preparing our leaders of the world for tomorrow.

All children are leaders in their field of being themselves. They are the experts. To raise a successful child, my program calls for home and family support.

The brightest child may not shine as bright if at home if they are hungry, abused, alone or witness domestic violence.

Urban children are not the only children facing rough neighborhoods, drug addiction and violence.

Rural children face the same demons and need community support so they too may reach the successes they rightly deserve.

The Department of Education would be instructed to create workshops and provide resources to cities and rural communities.

They will create programs to provide outreach and support to those children and their families.

Families would be offered education and growth opportunities to raise a strong, supportive family.

Welfare for families in need of resources does provide a valuable source to feed thousands of people who may go without.

Social Workers will be installed in schools.

Social Workers will be shared between two schools.

An issue with the program is the guidelines for who receives assistance and how much.

It is as though states punish men and women who want to be together and raise their children.

If on public assistance or Social Security, their benefits will be cut because their income is combined.

Food assistance could also be cut deeply.

The formula of combining incomes must be legislated out.

The current system leaves families who want to be together lying to the Government and sneaking around their own families. Rural towns should not be forced to battle in city meetings over Police or After School Programs.

Small towns through generous business grants should be able to continue After school activities.

After school activities can be great for proper socialization, exercise and keeping kids occupied. The program would address rural and city communities.

America is a constantly moving nation.

America must adapt programs or create programs to support this constantly moving nation and world.

We must go beyond our comfort zone. 24-hour daycares. We need 24 hour teen and pre- teen and pre-teen centers.

Single parents do exist, and we must fully support them.

Considering 64% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. They cannot afford to get sick.

Sick parents can be a distraction to a child or teen in school. The child may fear their family will experience a lack of resources.

It is hard to concentrate in school when their is high stress at home. This is another area where America must adapt.

We must encourage the creation of weekend and late-night clinics for parents. Sick parents who do not work suffer severely. America provides terrible support.

Working families deserve food assistance regardless of family size and income. Student, staff and faculty safety are priority one.

The Republicans/Democrats do not agree and have passed no legislation to protect America's children.

Department of School Protection

I will fight for the creation of a federal agency to strictly protect students, teachers and staff.

Staff will be vetted and trained in counter terrorism techniques. Taught to use their tools to protect their lives and the lives of our students, faculty and staff.

The agents will be trained in working with children and those with special needs. They will be taught about the juvenile mind.

Under no circumstances, even though trained. Student protections agents will have no disciplinary action against any student.

The agent's duty is to save lives.

Agents will be trained in human rights and the United States Constitution.

Local police have failed too many times to protect our children.

Though, I do not want armed teachers in class.

I do not want them to be sitting targets hiding in class praying the gunman does not open their classroom door.

Until American schools are protected. Until local police are not cowards. I fully support arming teachers and administrators.

America's children are our greatest asset and strength for the future.


Bullying of children by other children, in America, is on a crisis level. As I campaign and speak to teens and the youngest of children.

The fear, anger, and feelings of helplessness are doing damage to children's minds. The fear and angst hinder their mental health, expression, and positive, educational growth.

Bullying has become a major harmful epidemic in America and is on a crisis level. To confront the issue of bullying. I propose the following:

1. The increase of educators to remove repeated bullies from their current school. Alternative schools, will be where students who bully others, will be sent.

The alternative schools will be fully funded and highly structured.

Classes will follow the path of learning languages and skills.

We must take mental health out of the darkness and support stressed students and families.

Student and family therapy will be free to those in need. Students at the alternative school will be given weekly therapy.

Having a social work background. I have been taught to look at the whole story.

Children removed from their school for bullying other children will receive a complete home assessment.

It does no good for a child's positive growth if their home is not a safe or healthy environment. If found to be nonconductive to the child's positive growth.

Immediate, social safety nets will be enacted on an emergency immediate basis.

The goal is not to punish the bully. It is meant to assess their needs and provide resources to break their cycle of bullying.

My Administration's goal is to redirect that student and provide structure.

No benefits given at non alternative schools will be left out of alternative programs. No student should die in an environment of care and support.

The student victim of bullying.

An area often ignored not intentionally is the bullied student. I make the following recommendations to support those students.

Therapy for the bullied student. They must be made aware that they are the victims.

We will also do an assessment on the victims home life. We want to be sure their family is supported and strong as well.

I propose creating within the Department of Homeland Security. A division named Student, Staff and Faculty Protection.

We will hire and train the best and most qualified people to protect our nation's children.

All prospective employees will be evaluated and highly qualified. They will be vetted as if they were joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

They will however not have discipline responsibilities over students.

No police in schools. Too many officers have clearly no training or understanding of the young mind to be any type of officer in any school.

Agents will be trained in human rights and the United States Constitution.

Free College

The idea of free college is not an idea I can currently support. The American education system does not prepare some children for college.

I will support free college once we create a stronger learning environment. Free college must have clear rules, requirements and boundaries.

The United States could lose millions of dollars on free college. Some will drop out. A few may get kicked out.

Some academically may not be strong enough to succeed in the college environment. The Issue is not paying for those who attempt college but are not academically ready.

My concern is for those who only see it as free.

"It is free!! I get kicked out, nothing out of my pocket!"

"I do not like college; I quit." We, the American public, have just paid for someone with nothing to lose, to quit.

There's another issue that concerns me.

American schools are not leading the world in anything. In reality, we lag in many subjects.

It Is a disastrous and unfair premise to send high school kids to college when they may have barely graduated high school.

That is Irresponsible as leaders and mentors.

Another issue is the education they receive in school is inadequate for college level courses.

We do not want students going from high school to remedial college courses because they are not as prepared or knowledgeable as they should be.

Public schools are overwhelmed with classes overloaded. I will not discuss the dismal dropout rates.

I dream big also. Dreams must have a sense of reality.

Free within the next 20 years would be great. The changes we must take to make that reality is not near realization.

It stings. Sending high school kids to college who are not ready may be far more devastating to their lives than a sting.

My Plan for Free College 20 years from Today

All Accepted Students must pay a small monthly fee to be in college. It could be $250 per month.

If America supported the idea, the $250 monthly payments could be returned to the student with interest upon graduation.

A clear notice of intent. The student agrees to pay all college fees if they leave the program.

Exceptions can always exist.

The federal Government begins emergency hearings on the State of America's education system and creates legislation for urgently needed reforms.

Develop a multi-year plan to Improve America's education system.

Evaluate progress, adjust timelines, goals. review every four years. Review conducted before the Presidential election.

Vocational Training

The major and essential importance of the trades is diminished in this nation. Vocational training keeps our great nation going.

Students should have the opportunity for free trade school education with the same requirements as free college students.

Vocational training keeps our great nation going.

Future Preparation for a positive, strong start to a successful future

I support the creation of junior FireFighter, Police, EMT, plumbers etc...

The program would start freshman year.

Students will be introduced into the jobs they wish to make a career of one day.

The vocations in America are suffering as many people are not choosing the vocational route.

America needs qualified plumbers, electricians, truck drivers etc...

A major vocation needed is farmers. This urgent vocation will also be included in this program.

As a vocational program. Students would spend one week in class. They will spend the next week training in their vocation.


Nationwide, more than 33 million people, including five million children, are food insecure, according to the USDA. No community is spared, with rural areas, families with children and communities of color disproportionately.

The situation of feeding hungry Americans should not exist in such a wealthy and advanced nation.

I propose the following to feed those urgently in need and suffering from hunger.

  1. All American school students including those in private schools will receive two complete meals while at school each day. This will include all school grades. Elementary to high school graduation.

  2. On nights and three times on weekends local schools, local community organizations and churches who choose will be set up and funded to feed students and their families.

  3. On schedule all other community members will be fed to the same high standards given to students and their families.

  4. Meals will be hot and healthy including a starting salad and a dessert. Will include a take home sandwich with milk or juice and a fruit. Too battle starvation in rural communities and city projects.

Specially built trucks will be created with equipment to cook hot meals and will visit these communities and feed them. This will also be provided three times per day.

Pregnant women will receive the water resource and also a booster nutrition pack of drinks. Pregnant women will also receive a daily supply of four fruits. Fresh or canned fruit.


For communities facing a bad or terrible drinking water situation.

Daily through community groups or Americorps or Job Corps. Each family will receive one case of water per person per family.

This program will be monitored by identification to assure fairness in water distribution to those in need.

Those without identification will be directed to local resources to get identification.

Though they may not currently have identification, the water provided will not be denied.

Children will not need identification.

The federal government will order the local drinking reserves be tested three times per week for acceptable water standards.

The federal government will investigate the source of the water contamination. They will begin or support the current water treatment plan.

If the contamination source can be identified? The source will be investigated for criminal activity.

If the water contamination is an accident? The contaminating source will pay for the bottled water distributed to the community.


In America the rates of premature child deaths are rising.

Preterm birth is when a baby is born too early, before 37 weeks of pregnancy have been completed. In 2021, preterm birth affected about 1 of every 10 infants born in the United States. The preterm birth rate rose 4% in 2021, from 10.1% in 2020 to 10.5% in 2021.

To fight premature births and mother's deaths after birth.

The federal government will work with states to do the following.

  • Providing food for pregnant women. Either by three meals delivered per day.

  • These deliveries of food will include any of her immediate family members not receiving

  • Food will also be offered by mailing healthy protein drinks and healthy snacks.

The federal government will work with states to provide vouchers or direct rides to pregnant women to all medical appointments.

Medical care will be completely covered including prescriptions.

All expecting mothers will receive written, recorded or they will be encouraged to watch videos on social media regarding the urgency and importance of prenatal eating and prenatal doctor visits.

Pregnant women will have resources to various ways of eating healthy food options while pregnant.

Videos or written material will be created for pregnant women to know signs while pregnant to look for what conditions or incidents they should reach out to a doctor for.

It would not be about serving pregnant women if we do not discuss the abuse of women.

The federal government will support states in funding programs to prevent domestic violence and violence against pregnant women.

During pregnancy, physical abuse can lead to miscarriage and vaginal bleeding. It can cause your baby to be born too soon, have low birthweight or physical injuries. What can trigger abuse during pregnancy? For many families, pregnancy can bring about feelings of stress, which is normal.

Physical abuse: Forcing you to smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs. Withholding medical care: Keeping you from going to prenatal appointments or leaving you without pregnancy-related medical care (including withholding medication or prenatal vitamins)May 17, 2021

The federal government will support states in making sure there are safe places and plenty of free beds available for pregnant, abused women.

This safe destination will include a safe place for children to be with their mom.

We will work to create harsher crimes for those who abuse pregnant women. Up to and including federal charges.

800.799.SAFE (7233)

Please call out for help if you are being abused.

Pregnant or not pregnant. Female or male. Gay or straight. No one deserves to be abused by anyone else!!

After birth women will be kept in the hospital for two days.

After birth mothers will be given 6 months at home for healing. They will be protected from losing their employment or retaliation.

Women after birth will be given a government stipend for six months after birth. It is important to note. All women will be able to receive the support offered. Vouchers will be offered based on income.

This plan will be adjusted as I learn more regarding this issue. If supporters and experts give new advice.

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