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Police Reform

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Police Reform Updated: 4 days ago

Police reform is essential to rebuild the trust that many have lost in the police forces of our nations.

Police reform is also necessary to strengthen the trust many feel in their police today. Reform of the nation's police force must happen.

Reform must be fair, just and appropriate.

Cities will have to have autonomous and open civilian review boards. cities that refuse to comply with the Civil Review Board's requirements will lose some federal funding.

It's lunacy that the police organization investigates itself. The use of prosecutors, who work closely with the police, will not supersede the authority or rights or actions of the Civil Review Board.

I propose that:

1. Mandatory cultural and neighborhood training while officers are still rookies and in their assigned stations.

2. Body cameras must be worn during all public interactions. Police officers may not cover, block or mute their body cameras in any situation involving suspects or persons in need of service. Officers who in any way obstruct their body camera should be charged with tampering of evidence.

3. Officers who are terminated from any police force must lose all police certifications. The terminated officer will not be allowed to work anywhere in American Law Enforcement as a sworn law enforcement officer.

4. Police departments which hire officers with a past of abusing, killing or harming the public without justification, will be held liable if that newly hired officer unjustifiably harms another person.

5. Brave officers who report the crimes of other officers, must be protected and if they choose, moved to another division, or state.

6. Mandatory Constitutional rights training.

I fully support the police. I have three retired police officers in my family. Honorable, brave souls, who protected Americans with honor.

Non-lethal technology and training will be a top priority for My Administration.

Police Officers will have more effective, non lethal weapons at hand to stop suspects without having to shoot them.

The protection of the Officer's life is priority one. Non lethal detainment equipment gives them more options to subdue suspects without resorting to shooting them.

While the officers have to protect themselves.

The use of non-lethal deterrents and apprehension techniques must be available for use.

In Support of Our Brave Police Officers.

I propose the following:

1. The murder of a law enforcement officer must be raised to a federal offense, Death Row eligible.

2. Officers will be fully supported in advancing their education and development goals.

3. United States Law Enforcement Officers will be audited to ensure officers are equipped with the best tactical and protective equipment.

4. Police officers must lose their qualified immunity. Officers who violate the law must not be protected by automatic government granted immunity.

The sentence for murdering a Police Officer while in the line of duty must start at a mandatory 45 year sentence.

5. Therapy, both individual and family will be a top priority for officers requesting the service.

I propose a federal package for the families of Police Officers killed in the line of duty.

A. A one time 2 million dollar payment to the survivors of an officer murdered in the line of duty.

B. Three years of federal paid therapy. For the officers' immediate family members.

C. Federal paid four year vocational training or four year college degree. This benefit will include books and labs.

This will be for the Minor Children up to age19. This will cover the remaining years of the officers immediate dependents in college or current vocational training.

D. Three years paid therapy for the slain officers immediate family.

A strong support environment at home and at work can be very instrumental in helping officers be even more successful at their jobs.

Law Enforcement can be a dangerous and rewarding career. The ideas I propose will serve no one, as long as the law enforcement Blue Wall stands.

Officers must speak out on the wrongdoings and evils committed by fellow officers. Without breaking the Blue Wall, the police have the same code as a street gang.


Breaking the criminal culture of silence among our nations' Law Enforcement Agencies is a critical task that absolutely must be done.

1. Have an anonymous number to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Reports of officer's misconduct or violations of civil rights may be reported anonymously.

2. The FBI will use in-person interviews and surveillance, including wire taps.

Crime in Law Enforcement and its enablers must end.

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