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Plan for a Healthier Nation

Updated: May 22, 2023

This plan is an essential plan needed for a review of the standards of the American food supply. This plan also includes a plan for a better healthcare system for all Americans.

America needs an audit of the food and chemicals used in our nation's food supply.

Have you looked at the youth today?

I draw particular attention to children. I have seen 11-year-old girls developing as if they were much older.

As responsible adults we must look at our children's health and development from birth to adulthood.

Research and see what, if any, harmful side effects such rapid development can have on their bodies.

We must examine chemicals in the food supply in America. We must investigate the use of growth hormones used in raising livestock and the impact it has on the natural development of children.

If chemicals are found that unnaturally force children to develop rapidly, they must be stopped.

I will instruct the Department of Agriculture to conduct a 60 day emergency audit of the chemicals Americans consume.

This report will be made available to the American public.

I will instruct the Department of Agriculture to put special attention on the many dangerous chemicals European countries have banned in their food supply.

High blood pressure, diabetes and obesity are clearly attributed to the food supply in America.

Their rate of consumption are also urgently important.

The subject of GMOS is something I had to do a lot of research on.

I am against GMOS for the following reasons.

Toxicity. Genetically engineered foods are inherently unstable... Allergic Reactions... Antibiotic Resistance... Immuno-suppression... Cancer... Loss of Nutrition.

The fact is that Chemicals make food taste fantastic, and we want food to taste great and give us satisfaction.

Americans must know what those chemicals specifically do to our bodies.

I will ask Congress to order that all foods containing addictive chemicals be red labeled.

Americans have a right to know whether the food they eat is addictive or potentially harmful.

The goal is to stop parents from beginning a cycle of greasy, salty and unhealthy chemical addiction in their children.

Food assistance should not be as low as $96 per month for a single adult. I propose that food support be issued to recipients $350 biweekly.

We cannot talk about bad eating habits among the poor if the poor cannot afford healthier eating options.

I encourage you to observe food prices and you will be shocked.

With the support of the Government, rural, and city residents will be given access to fresh vegetables and fruits via community co-ops and city vans.

The United States Government will launch a massive two-year public campaign on healthy eating, as well as meatless options.

The campaign will be broadcast on television, in the newspapers and by public handout.

A part of the massive Campaign will require a certain amount of advertising in every city and is going to small advertising agencies in the area.

No food left behind. Farmers and truckers are fundamental to any proper feeding plan. No food can be left on a farm.

All food will be purchased, and specially equipped trucks will transfer fresh produce to schools and prisons for healthy meal additives or complete vegan and vegetarian meals.

The Government will subsidize suitable housing for migrant workers. Migrant workers will be properly documented, well paid and pay into America's system.

Immigrants who come to the United States and work on farms will be moved to a higher spot when being considered for citizenship.

We must be serious about food consumption in our great nation.

Food Assistance should be administered biweekly. Assistance guidelines are unrealistic and do not support healthy eating.

People who adhere to a special diet should receive extra assistance in an amount relevant to their specific dietary needs and promote healthier eating habits.

I fully support and will fight like hell for

Universal Healthcare. No one should ever be denied healthcare or life saving, life sustaining or life supporting medication.

Mental health care which is urgently needed will be covered. We must also cover dental and eye care.

The administration will support the creation of 24 healthcare clinics.

We live in a 24 hour fast paced nation. Single parents and dual home parents need healthcare to remain able to work.

Unfortunately in this society 64% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. A catastrophic illness or terrible cold or flu can keep people in families from working.

Not working can cause a harmful loss of desperately needed earnings.

I would like to create a catastrophic illness support program. Many Americans cannot afford to get a major health illness.

Social Security takes far too long to approve those sick and in urgent need of Social Security funds and medical coverage.

This Catastrophic Health Plan will be faster and approved based on major illnesses that suddenly strike people living their lives.

Major illnesses like cancer! ALS! Alzheimer's and others that may end life. Would be included in catastrophic support for afflicted Americans.

It would include:

A. Complete medical coverage. Treatments, visits, copays.

B. Immediate protection from foreclosure, repossession. Shutting off of life essential services. Water, gas, heat, etc.

C. 1200 per month food stipend. Special diets for stronger health needs.

D. Foreign nation medical experimental medicine coverage.

E. Complete coverage of experimental medication and treatments.

We all deserve a chance for life.


The government support is with your current health insurance program.

Your government stipend will have a portion sent to your creditors. It would be wrong to just not pay bills with government assistance.

Companies have employees and debts as well and will not be forced to write off payable debt. Payments would go directly to creditors monthly.

America, we must get serious about our food consumption in our great nation.

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