Stop Human Trafficking. Punishing the Offenders. Bringing Home and Supporting Victims

Updated: Sep 22

My administration's vital focus, will be on Human Trafficking. My administration will recognize the disgusting epidemic that most evil of crimes has become.

Whether physical abduction, abuse of a victim, by force or to force criminal actions by threat or intimidation is evil. America's Prosecutors must never allow an alleged kidnapper, rapist or abuser a plea deal.

To force Women, Children and Men, to perform life-threatening acts in order to make a profit for their hideous abuser must a face a punishment that could never be as evil as the harm they have inflicted upon their innocent victim.

Within the first 72 hours of My Administration.

1. I will call an emergency joint session of Congress! Congress will no longer sit back and watch the innocent be abused physically, mentally and sadly, in many cases murdered.

2. I will seek to make all crimes of Human Trafficking, federal level crimes. Local elected Judges should not be condemning some of the society's most of the evil criminals with any thought of re-election.

3. These disgusting crimes of Human Trafficking must face the harshest and most severe sentences. I will call for a 45-year mandatory federal prison sentence.

The victims of these evil crimes will receive America's highest degree of care, respect and concern. America will be there for those in need.

I propose the following:

1. Victims of abuse will be offered Government paid for therapy. While we can't erase their horrendous abuse. The hope is that therapy can make it perfectly clear. You're a victim, and none of what happened is your fault.

2. Housing and relocation services will be provided to victims to help them recover.

3. Financial support will also be offered.

The thought of a human harming another human in such brutal ways ignites a fire in my soul that I must take deep breaths to calm myself.

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