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A Very Few Small Samples of My Top Issues

Updated: Jun 2, 2023


Increase military pay. Have an audit done by the pentagon to make sure all service personnel have the very best in protective gear and vehicles.

To show our commitment to exceptional military, I propose the following:

1. An immediate raise in pay for all service members. Current and veteran. No military member should have a go fund me page to help pay their bills.

2. Though the raise in pay is beyond deserved. The raise in pay will not be retroactive.

Our military must become the gold standard for American service. Our military must be competitive and the rewards and benefits, worth their commitment.

Police Reform

I truly respect the very brave men and women of this nation's police force.

I respect that, when there's a scream in an alley or danger, they run towards it. Look at the sheer bravery of the 911 responders!

Spectacular, bold and brave.

Police officers should also have the best protective gear offensive and defensive. The police must keep their immunity.

Police have to do their part also! Police officers must break down the blue code of silence. Officers must acknowledge that their code is no better than a street gang's no snitch policy.

Together, America, let us discuss the following questions:

1. Why does any city in rich America have a skid row or drug alley?

2. How does any American child get denied a healthy school lunch?

3. How do we allow the mentally ill to wander the cold streets, alone, unmedicated?

4. Why do drugs cost, force some Americans to illegally go to Canada or risk their lives buying online drugs.

5. Why is a fast-food meal and high carbohydrate chemical filled food products so cheap? Yet a salad and healthy options start at 8 or more dollars?

6. How do elected leaders of both parties regulate the industries whose donations support their political offices?


America needs a commission on poverty. America cannot grow stronger as long as America's streets have citizens wandering around and dying. No politicians on the committee. I want people who work with those affected and in need of service.


Israel and Palestine must agree to international peacekeepers to finally bring peace between the two parties. The Palestinians currently live in a land of rubble. The Palestinians have nothing to lose. Why would they want to stop Hamas?

My Plan

Have Israel stop expanding into Palestinian land.

Tell the Palestinians, we will rebuild Palestine, but only if they have the courage to stop Hamas.

America must stop being treated by Israel like it is America's pimp.

America must stop creating generational enemies. America must realize to many nations' citizens, it is America, who is the terrorist.

All Lives Matter

All lives are precious and matter!

It is sadly Black lives who are being murdered by police!

This is a game the race garbage leaders play.

Statistically, White citizens are killed more by American police. That is a fact, from my understanding.

My anger is that it is Black Americans who have been shot in the back by White officers.

It was a Black child with a toy gun, murdered by a White officer.

It was a Black man, who was choked to death by a White officer.

It is the home of a Black woman, that was mistakenly raided by White police officers and she was murdered as she innocently, unarmed, laid in her bed.

I ask you, American voter? If race is not an issue? Why have no Black officers murdered, White suspects or innocent citizens, in any of those ways?

Had Black officers killed White people, in such horrific ways, congress would have worked 24 hours straight to make legislation to address those disgusting murders. If I am lying, call me out! I wait!

We are prepared for this mission. We are prepared to help our fellow Americans, by awakening their fighting and questioning spirit.

The mission will not be easy.

We are asking America to look at and question all they have been conditioned to believe about America and their choices and the true power of the American citizen.

No more dreaming! No more praying! No more tomorrow! We must act now!

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Great start! I can’t wait to see your ideas come to fruition!

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