Justice and Opportunity for the Disabled. Fairness for Our Seniors

Updated: Feb 2

Even though America is one of the Richest Nations on the Planet Earth, there are a series of Unfair Challenges and Government Rules that make Life Unjustly Hard for our Disabled.

The following Proposals will Lighten the Restrictions and Lack of Access issues that should never have been.

  1. The $2000 Limit on Personal Saving will be Substantially Raised or Abolished.

Persons on Disability should be allowed to save Funds for their own Personal reasons.

The current $2000 Savings Limit is a Major Factor for the Disabled and Seniors being in Poverty.

The Rule is Punishment and very Unfair.

  1. The Income of Disabled Persons and Seniors will no Longer be Combined. Benefits will no longer be Reduced due to their Joint Income.

Seniors or Disabled Persons who choose to live with another person on Disability again face Punishment for having a Roommate or Falling in Love.

  1. The Property of any Senior in a Nursing Home will no longer be Required to sell their Homes or Personal Property to pay for their stay in the Nursing Home.

Forcing Seniors to sell their Homes to pay for Nursing Home Care is truly disgusting! It is not just wrong! It should be Criminally Wrong!

The United States Government gives American Citizens so much nonsense talk. I am Shocked People do not move away to other Countries.

We, as Americans, are told to Work Hard, Save your Money, Prepare for your Future and Retirement, Start a Family, and buy a House.

Decades pass. The entire time People pay into the System!

Time arrives. Their Family is Beautiful. Their Grand Kids, Superstars; The time comes when, unfortunately, you have to get Assistance from a Nursing Home.

You have Paid into the System for your entire life. You own your Home Free and Clear. Ready to pass on to your Children.

What gives the United States of America the Right to force you to sell your Home. Then you have to give the Government Your Money?

Nope! That Rule must be Abolished. Anyone that was Forced to sell their Homes to give to Medicaid will get Reimbursed. We go back 5 Years.

I dare you to challenge any of this proposal!!

Billion Dollar Corporations Legally avoid paying Taxes into the American Economy.

You, the Whole United States Government, want to continue to Bully and Take Advantage of our Seniors?

Not anymore!!

  1. Lender Businesses who Prey on Seniors and the Disabled will face a Federal Fraud Charge.

Extreme Mandatory Federal Fines will start at $750,000 per Fraudulent Event.

This proposal is meant to be Draconian and Harsh!

Companies who use Fraud to Victimize those most in need of the Resources they have will get Forced into Fines, Lawsuits, or Bankruptcy.

This proposal will include Frauds who pretend to be Law Enforcement, the Social Security Administration, and other Government Agencies.

A Massive Education and Information Program will be Distributed to Companies, Senior Centers, Pharmacies.

The Education and Training will guide Employees, Managers, and Team Leads on what to look out for when People ask to Purchase certain Items. Send Money to Strangers.

The Public will be made Aware. Questions are meant to help you not be a Victim of Fraud.


Being in a Wheel Chair. Being on Crutches. Using any Vehicle or Hand Assistant to get around.

I will seek Government Lawyers for the Legality of Holding and Arresting Chief Executive Officers of Organizations that Blatantly disenfranchise the Disabled and Seniors.

Public Transportation. Bus drivers should be Punished for driving past people in Wheelchairs. ♿

Not Providing Shelter at Bus Stops.

Not Clearing Bus stops of the Elements, Debris, Trash.

If a Transportation System can not Provide their services required by law to the Disabled and Seniors?

They will give out Stipends for Private Transportation.

If the service offers their own Transportation, those with Financial Hardship will pay nothing.

I have never met a Disabled Victim. Disabled Persons must be given the same opportunity for self Reliance as the rest of Society.

Proposal to Give Power to Disabled Americans

  1. The Small Business Administration will create an office for Disabled Business Development.

  2. Disabled Persons will be Strongly encouraged to start their dream business.

  3. The SBA with Vocational and Technical support advisors. Will work to develop Disabled Persons in Creating their Business proposal. Business Plan Development, Projections, Market, etc.

The goal is to work with a Disabled Person within their Disability. The Business Plan will be based on the ability of their Client.

The Goal? Self Sustainability. As the Business grows, A client may be self-sufficient and leave the Social Security Program.

As success ensues, there would be the possibility to connect people with similar disabilities.

Social Security will always be there as a safety net.

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