Israel and Palestine

Updated: Feb 2

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on for decades in which too many innocent people on both sides, Palestinian and Israeli, have died. My concern with the conflict is not whether Israel has the right to exist or not. That decision was made long ago. Palestinians have the right to a self-governed Government.

My question? What does a Palestinian people do when they feel they have been wronged? What does a people do when what little land they do have is stolen by an army with bigger weapons?

A people's infrastructure, destroyed. Hospitals, homes, and places of worship? To walk amongst the rubble of your now small land?

A cornered soul, strikes out! A soul strikes out with vengeance and anger, demanding their occupier's blood!

Why not? Palestinians have nothing, and no nation stands strong with you! Why stop terrorist attacks? It is not as if you will allow outsiders to help us rebuild our land and communities?

So, the Palestinians fight.

What is most dangerous? No person understands, or they are too damn ignorant to acknowledge this fact. The children of the murdered and oppressed are watching.

The children of the oppressed see their neighbors, parents, and friends murdered and devalued. In that child's mind, it fills them with a new generation of rage, hate, rocket launchers, rock throwers, and suicide bombers. Who is the realist? Who is the adult to break that cycle of Generational Hate and bloodshed?

All over the world, eventually, the oppressed rise and say, no more!

My plan

America, Israel's greatest supporter and receiver of American foreign aid.

1. Israel must stop all taking of Palestinian land, immediately.

2. Palestinians will be told that when a united Palestine stops launching missiles into Israel, a sit down discussion will begin.

I propose either a United Nations, Peacekeeping force, or a Peacekeeping force of Americans, stand the line between the two feuding nations.

A coalition of nations enter Palestine and begin rebuilding their homes and infrastructure.

American leadership must stop being cowardly and weak. America must no longer pander to Israel and pretend we do not see Israel's wrong deeds.

The Israelis, who under no circumstance should be attacked, must accept some responsibility for the current state of the Israeli, Palestinian conflict.

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