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International Issues

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The world is forever changing and moving forward.

A responsible government is ever evolving reviewing foreign nation actions to be ready to act without advanced warning.

My major concern with American Foreign Policy is that it has not been reviewed and acted upon in decades.

The United States basically hates the countries their parents hated and just accept that to this day.



Iran has been an enemy of the United States for decades.

America's policy is to alienate and prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

My Administration will begin with caution, to contact and start talks with Iran.

The goal is to calm some of the aggression, harshness and threats which our two countries are constantly throwing at each other.

The two nations will talk in Geneva or another neutral country.

The delegation will be led by a former well respected government official.

Both nations will voice their issues and concerns we have with each other. The hopeful outcome is to one day have open non-hostile, diplomatic relations.

In a few decades my goal is for the nations to officially acknowledge each nations government and the opening of embassies.

I will not accept criticism. Democrats and Republicans push the idea to fear nations the rich and elite call enemies.

My administration will have America's security at the forefront of any talks and actions.

America's current Republicans and Democrats offer no more options. America has enough enemies.


India is a fast-growing nation. Nuclear with no connection to NATO or having any defense package with other nations.

India is in constant conflict with Pakistan another nuclear nation over disputed territories. The United States will continue to monitor the hot situation between the two Nations.

Always advising and supporting peaceful diplomatic solutions over war.


America will look to our Generals and military advisors. America will give the Iraqis a solid American pull out from their nation. The pullout date will be kept strictly confidential.

America, three months before leaving Iraq will begin bringing American assets and cooperating allies to the United States.

No Non-American citizens will be brought to the security of the United States without thorough vetting.

My Administration will put Iraqi refugees in cities and states in need of new business and an economic boost. Detroit is a great example.

Detroit has many blighted communities in their city.

Americans who choose to remain in Iraq without diplomatic or security reasons will be told they stay unadvisedly.

The war in Iraq destabilized that nation.

Thousands have died. The Iraq infrastructure is still in shambles in areas.

Iraqi Women, who under the Iraqi Constitution has clear defined rights to choose the career they wanted to drive to wear the clothes they chose

Iraq and Iran, once deadly enemies, are uniting and bonding. Many Iraqi groups are accepting Iran's strict Sharia Law codes.

Iraqi Women are now having their rights stripped from them. Something not done even under the Dictator Saddam Hussein.

America's ego driven Iraq war has created a friendship between Iraq and Iran. Two once mortal enemies.

My administration will push Iraq leadership to protect Women's Rights as in the Iraq Constitution.

Today, Iraqi women's rights are under attack and being weakened.

Brutal dictator Saddam Hussein allowed women their constitutional rights to freedom, education and jobs of their choice.

America owes Iraqi women our complete support.


My Administration will honor our commitment to Sovereign Nations. Continuous cooperative military war games will continue with Taiwan.

The United States will not accept China's claim that Taiwan is a Rogue Nation and China's property. Technology deals with Taiwan will undergo a complete national security review.

We must protect American technology at the highest level.

We will work strongly with other nations to clean up our planet.

As a non-partisan, I can be truthful. No lobbyist giving me orders.

President Trump was correct and forward thinking when he stood before our nation's allies and scolded them for not paying their dues. What are our allies not paying for?

Heaven forbid a war was to break out, what will our Allied Nations priorities be? Paying their dues is an indication of where their priorities are.

President Trump's creation of the Space Force was excellent. The potential for new technologies and the benefits for America and the world is unimaginable.


The United States will engage with the Nations of Africa in a positive mutually beneficial way.

We will work to help in feeding the hungry. Crushing rogue murderers and cannibals.

The many growing and strong African Countries will see a constant stream of High Level American Officials visiting and supporting their growth. That includes two or three Presidential visits.

America, will build huge commerce and cooperative deals with the many strong countries of Africa.

China is currently a major part of Africa's growth. America must acknowledge and put aside the racist policies that keep America from positively engaging in Africa.

America will work strongly with African Nations.

Israel and Palestinian Peace

My Israel/Palestinian peace plan calls for international peace keepers to be a barrier between the two nations. Israel to stop taking Palestinian land. Palestinians stop terrorist attacks against Israel. An international coalition to rebuild Palestine.

Israelis have the right to a peaceful terror attack free existence. Israel will have to be pushed hard to go to the peace table. Israel will see a rebuilt, Palestinian land that can lead to peace. Palestinians will no longer live in rubble, occupied.

My proposal.

As long as the Palestinians are beaten into the ground by Israel. The Palestinians in their demolished land have no reason to seek peace.

The promise of rebuilding their nation will bring them to the peace talks. Currently, what path to peace do Palestinians have?


The United States will seek to end the strict isolation of Cuba. America will set a quick timeline for normalized diplomatic relations with the Cuban nation.


Be aware! My ideas for these proposals only come from reading sources. I have not been vetted and currently have no International Advisors.

The Campaign has been on the search for specific interest Campaign Advisors.

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