Illegal Immigration

Updated: Feb 3

Give me the authority.

I will stop 90 percent of Illegal Immigration and resource stealing in America!!!


Step 1

Any Employer who hires an Illegal Worker in America will face a mandatory, $75,000 fine per Illegal Employee.

a. The criminal Employer will face a two thousand dollar mandatory fine for every week that Illegal made that criminal Employer money.

b. A mandatory 9 month in cell prison sentence for the criminal Employer. 9 months on monitor bracelet, house arrest. The criminal will only be allowed to go to work and home.


They lie when they tell you illegals only have Brown Faces. Oh no!

There is an actual travel market for many countries in Asia, Europe and others. Pregnant Woman pay thousands of dollars to be brought to America when very close to birth.

Their children will be born American citizens and steal American resources. The resources are legally their birth right.

The Mother then gets her child their American Passport and returns to their country;

A. No Woman over 2 months into pregnancy can travel to America.

B. Remove the Right of Citizenship to parents who are in America less than two years.

The parent(s) must be productive and financially stable and self supportive. This will assure they pay into the American system to benefit all Americans.


Did you know their are other criminals in America today??

They are mostly White colored people who get Visas to work in America for a limited time. When their Visa expires they are supposed to go home.

Many hide and stay.

They are in Corporate America and White. Call it what it is, racist!

Same penalties for other illegals apply for this criminal class also.

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