Homeless in America

A plan for a home for all

Homelessness world wide has left millions living out cars, under bridges and on boxes on the streets.

The homelessness situation in America has been critical for decades.

America's Government has not ever put a massive program forward to help the weakest amongst us.

Homeless in America

California, New York and Florida have the highest homeless rates in America. 

Minorities rank highest in homelessness. 

2.5 million children are homeless in America. 

Men are more likely to be homeless.

Homelessness in America is only getting worse. 

The main reason for homelessness is a lack of affordable housing. 

Lack of Public Housing. 

Low wages and cost of daily living needs.

My plan is to create an American Poverty Council.

A council consisting of people who have dedicated themselves to fighting for the homeless.

Committee will be lead by a Community Activist.

My Poverty Council will look into buying and building housing throughout America. 

If need be Imminent Domain laws will be used to seize unkempt land for housing in communities.

Housing will be based around the follow wing criteria.

Homeless single persons. Families and couples with no children. 

Those in Substance Abuse recovery. 

Transitional housing for released inmates. 

Homelessness is a multi decade initiative to fix. 

We must get to work! 

No one should be forced to use the streets as a toilet.

We will make hard choices. Everyone deserves a safe place to rest.

My Poverty Council will look at providing drug, detox and drug rehabilitation housing. 

The mentally Ill would be given group housing depending upon their mental capabilities. 

Nothing I propose will be by force. 

People's Constitutional Rights will always be protected.

People may think they are safe in their home. There's the invisible homeless. 

Catastrophic illness. Natural disaster. Sudden loss of job. 

Even if you are not affected. A catastrophic illness to a loved one can drain resources fast.

Homelessness is an American issue and we are all vulnerable depending on what circumstances life may bring us.

This proposal is for a stronger future for many more n America today.

Extremely important is my proposal to raise pay to $22.00 per hour.

With that proposal. Food assistance will be opened to more American's.

Food assistance will no longer be based on income but need.

$350 every two weeks. $250 per child.

Daycare vouchers will be provided till first grade.

Housing those in need is more than a one decade initiative.

It is essential to the safety of our nation.


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