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Homeland Security Initiatives

Updated: May 23, 2023

The protection of America's homeland will take the highest precedent under my administration.

Money and power have become part of America's government leadership. Money and power have put Americans and America in danger.

The following initiatives will provide security for America's homeland. Security that rises above money and politics.

1. Congressional members and members of the current administration will be required to yearly report all financial interest and connections to foreign nations.

That will include foreign companies who may act on their nation's behalf.

The reporting along with the representatives' votes will be reported yearly. Reports available to America and news agencies.

2. No foreign nation or entity that is currently or may act in the interest of foreign nations may own or hold interest in any American Vital Infrastructure.

Farmland, oil refineries, gas pipelines, water rights etc...

Any properties or resources with the interest of national security will not be allowed to be owned by foreign entities in any form.

Current deals will be broken in the interests of National Security.

3. Vital food production such as baby formula will be kept produced in America.

American companies will be required on a 9 month basis to report their supply and any production issues for the future.

4. A pandemic response team will be created within 15 days of my administration taking office.

The bi-partisan Pandemic Response Team will be headed by the Surgeon General. The team will consist of 3 Democrat's and 3 Republican's.

The team will be rounded out by the Centers for Disease Control. A member of Homeland Security and the National Security Advisor.

A. American companies will be advised months before a potential Pandemic becomes active.

Companies will be required to create protocols and rules to prevent hoarding and shortages of products for the general public.

The companies will receive confidential memo's and will be advised when Pandemic protocols are to begin.

Airlines, bus lines and train lines will also receive confidential memos on the potential pandemic and when to initiate Federal Pandemic Protocols.

State governments will also be kept informed with up to date information as it becomes available.

All government and businesses will be encouraged and advised to report all potential product outage concerns. Report security concerns.

5. Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies will also be included and told to prepare their Pandemic Protocols for action.

There will be leaks. The goal is to minimize the harm of those leaks by showing the American people their government is informed and prepared for what may come.

6. Stockpiles of drugs, products and goods essential for America to keep moving forward will be given the option with the cooperation of state government's will receive National Guard protection.

Groups that spread misery, fear and cause death must be taken far more seriously and broken. 2022 and the murdering, terrorist organization, the Klu Klux Klan still strongly exists. Seemingly coddled by America's most powerful law enforcement agencies.

Street gangs, Human Traffickers and Child

Pornographers must be treated as terrorist entities causing harm and terror to American's.

The Justice Department and the Federal

The Bureau of Investigations will create a division to monitor those groups. Using Informants the RICO Act and all legal means to break those organizations.

Mayor's, City Council's of any political persuasion who refuse to cooperate with the federal government in bringing calmness and a safer environment to their city will be called out to their citizens.

My administration will let the citizen's know that politics is preventing a safer environment. Their leaders are choosing politics over their lives.

Above all! All the accused are innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law.

Adherence to and the protection of the Constitutional Rights of the accused must be priority one.

The Patriot Act went too far for this American.

Secret Judges, sneak and peak and charge less detainment are not the America I consider free.

America's borders

Give me the authority

I will stop 90 percent of Illegal Immigration and resource stealing in America!!!

Any employer who hires an illegal worker in America will face a mandatory, $75,000 fine per illegal employee.

A. The criminal employer will face a two thousand dollar mandatory fine for every week that illegal made that criminal employer money.

B. A mandatory 9 month in cell prison sentence for the criminal employer. 9 months on monitor bracelet, 6 months mandatory house arrest.

The criminal will only be allowed to go to work and home.

My administration will work with border states to put National Guard bases in their states close to the border with Mexico.

The National Guard has high powered weapons and technology and great training to take on the dangerous, murderous drug cartels and coyotes.

The National Guard Soldiers will support the brave men and women of the United States Border Patrol.

Please note. It is urgent for pandemic control to begin the process of housing America's homeless.

There can be no proper pandemic response while over 600,000 homeless Americans are possible disease Super Spreaders.

We must house this population in the event of a true Pandemic. Isolation and vaccinations can be given.

The Big Lie

They lie when they tell you illegals only have brown faces.

Oh no!

There is an actual travel market for many countries in Asia, Europe and others.

Pregnant women pay thousands of dollars to be brought to America when very close to birth.

Their children will be born American citizens and steal American resources. The resources are legally their birthright.

The mother then gets her child their American passport and returns to their country.

A. No woman over 2 months into pregnancy can travel to America.

B. Remove the Right of Citizenship to parents who are in America less than two years.

The parent(s) must be productive and financially stable and self-supportive. This will assure they pay into the American system to benefit all Americans.

Did you know there are other criminals in America today?

They are mostly White colored people who get Visas to work in America for a limited time. When their Visa expires, they are supposed to go home.

Many hide and stay.

They are in Corporate America and White. Call it what it is, racist! Same penalties for other illegals apply for this criminal class also.

America's security and vital interests must not be put up to the highest bidder as it seems today.

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