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Gun Control

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

I want to apologize for my first Gun Control plan. While I am strong on many issues. I was so under informed on gun control.

This is my new proposal.

I do not want anyone's guns. Owning guns is American.

I fully support the Second Amendment.

The numbers around gun deaths in America concern me to no end.

In 2020, the most recent year for which complete data is available, 45,222 people died from gun-related injuries in the U.S., according to the CDC.

2020, 54% of all gun-related deaths in the U.S. were suicides (24,292), while 43% were murders (19,384), according to the CDC. The remaining gun deaths that year were unintentional (535), involved law enforcement (611) or had undetermined circumstances (400).

Gun murders, in particular, have climbed sharply in recent years. The 19,384 gun murders that took place in 2020 were the most since at least 1968, exceeding the previous peak of 18,253 recorded by the CDC in 1993.

The 2020 total represented a 34% increase from the year before, a 49% increase over five years and a 75% increase over 10 years.

While I support the Second Amendment of the Constitution fully. The 2nd can and will under my administration have guidelines.

I support the following proposals for gun control in America.

I propose the following:

1. Weapon owners would be required to have one million dollars in liability insurance. One policy would cover all weapons owned.

2. Your Weapons are used to harm someone without justification and you face a penalty as well. Mandatory jail.

3. If your weapon is stolen. You may face penalties if weapons were not safely secured.

This act was proposed. I support their following proposals.

The Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act is.

Ammunition Feeding Devices

It will be unlawful for the import, sale, manufacture, transfer or possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device, which can be a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

However, the bill allows existing magazines to be “grandfathered” in, so they can still be held in possession, but prohibits the sale or transfer of “grandfathered” large capacity ammunition feeding devices.

Firearm Tracing

The measure would require that all firearms need to be traceable, including guns that are made with a 3D printer. Only gun manufacturers are allowed to issue a serial number for a firearm, according to the bill.

This bill aims to regulate the storage of firearms, particularly in homes with children, by setting federal, state and tribal requirements.

The bill establishes “requirements for firearms on residential premises to be safely stored if a minor is likely to gain access without permission or if a resident is ineligible to possess a firearm.”

Red Flag Laws

In the United States, a red flag law is a gun violence prevention law that permits a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who they believe may present a danger to others or themselves.

A judge makes the determination to issue the order based on statements and actions made by the gun owner in question.

I purposely did not list the endless and tragic mass murders of the innocent in our nation.

I did not list the hundreds of murdered school children, faculty and staff gunned down in America's schools.

The numbers are tragic and appalling. The fact Democrats and Republicans do nothing is tragic and shameful.

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