Gay Rights

Updated: Jan 27

The year is 2021!

Why was I asked to put in writing how I feel about Gay people and Gay Rights? Okay!

The easiest writing of my campaign. It is not my concern, who you choose to date, love or be with.

If your partner makes you better. If your partner makes you stronger. Makes you happy. I'm equally happy for you!

I am concerned, only if there is abuse in the mix. No one deserves an abusive relationship!

Gays Adopting

There are thousands of children alone in facilities or foster care, begging and in need of a loving and caring family. Look at the statistics! You can actually become sad and even cry.

If you are a Gay person or couple, who meets the state's criteria for adoption. If you want to share your home and heart with a child or teenager, currently languishing in a depressive system.

I say, God bless you! To open up one's heart, home and financial resources to a child or teen in need, shows true heart and the ability to give.

Gays in the Military

This one may be a shock for you!!

Since the dawn of time and from the creation of the military.

In any military, anywhere in the world. Gay Men and Women served and protected their villages, communities, and nations.

Gay soldiers, have fought honorably, courageously and many have given their lives in acts of bravery and honor.

I can only imagine how many brave Gay soldiers have given their lives so that others can breathe another day.

It's such an insult to any soldier to be told to hide who are you! How dare anyone? I would never allow such disrespectful treatment during my administration!

Supporting Our Youth!

An extremely serious case in the Gay and Lesbian community is the extremely high suicide and attempted suicide rate, amongst Gay teens.

I will instruct the Department of Education to create a teaching and outreach program to give counselors and teachers support and advice on working with Gay teens.

The goal isn't to single out Gay teen from the rest of the group. The goal is to provide staff with knowledge and understanding of the issues Gay teens face.

As a society, it seems Americans must get back to respecting all unique aspects of life that we bring to make our nation so great.

Gay people aren't the from the 5th dimension or the lizard people, you can only see in mirrors!

Get over your insecurities, misconceptions, propaganda and lies.

Live your life!

Nobody should live mine!

Nobody should live yours!

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