Education: A Plan for Our Children's Future

Updated: Aug 30

My education program begins with the promise that we accept that all children, are important, beautiful and special. As a country, we must reach out and help those children grab and hold on to their gifts.

Autistic, nonverbal, geniuses, average, disabled, differently and all other children,will feel and we will show how they matter to our great nation.

Children, must have, a complete, supportive and truthful education. An education that prepares American children, for a technical, diverse, fast paced world.

American children must be at the forefront of innovation, technology and achievement.


We must prepare those children who excel faster in learning for their next educational phase. Some children will advance faster and should not be held back from their great potential and success.

Workshops will be created to help teacher and parents to identify learning needs children.

We also do not want children with special needs to be pushed to failure because people in their lives do not under stand their unique needs.

Education Assessments

Technology and Medical Advancements are continually changing.

America's Education System should be reviewed, assessed, and adjusted, every four years.

American Students must be Educated and Supported to recognize, understand and utilize, the latest Technology, Philosophical Theories and be able to put all to successful action.

We must acknowledge that teachers, after a strong family, are the key to a child's successes. The importance of teachers must be recognized and appreciated.

Teachers starting pay should be highly competitive. Far above the $62,000 average.

Teachers should be paid a very competitive rate and given a monthly housing stipend.

In America, Teachers should be our superstars and we must support them in their ultra important task of preparing our Leaders of the World for Tomorrow.

To raise a successful child, my program calls for home and family support. The brightest child may not shine as bright if at home if they are hungry, abused, alone or witness domestic violence.


Urban children are not the only children facing rough neighborhoods, drug addiction and violence.

Rural children face the same demons and need Community support so they too may reach the successes they rightly deserve.

The Department of Education would be instructed to create Workshops and provide resources to cities and Rural Communities to provide outreach and support to those children and their families.

Families would be offered education and growth opportunities to raise a strong, supportive family.

Welfare for families in need of resources does provide a valuable source to feed thousands of people who may go without.

An issue with the program is the guidelines for who receives assistance and how much. It is as though States punish men and women who want to be together and raise their children. If on welfare, Social Security, their benefits will be cut because their income is combined.

The formula of combining incomes, must be legislated out. The current system leaves families who want to be together lying to the Government and sneaking around their own families.

Rural towns should not be forced to battle in city meetings over Police or After School Programs. Small towns through generous business grants should be able to continue After School Activities. After School Activities can be great for proper socialization, exercise and keep kids occupied. The program would address Rural and City Communities.


We must go beyond our comfort zone. 24 hour day cares and pre-teen centers.

Single parents do exist and we must fully support them.

Weekend and late night clinics for parents. Sick parents who do not work suffer severely. America provides terrible support.

Working families deserve Food Assistance regardless of family size and income.

Schools should be protected by military veterans, who America will call on to serve again. Americas children are our greatest asset and strength for the future. America's children are our greatest asset and strength for the future.


Bullying of children by other children, in America, is on a crisis level.

As I campaign and speak to teens and the youngest of children. The fear, anger, and feelings of helplessness are doing damage to children's minds that hinder their mental health, expression, and positive, educational growth.

Bullying has become a major harmful epidemic in America and is on a crisis level.

To confront the issue of bullying. I propose the following:

1. The increase of educators to remove repeated bullies, from their current school.

2. Alternative schools, will be where students who bully others, will be sent.

The Alternative schools will be fully funded and highly structured.

Classes will follow the path of learning languages and skills.

Students at the alternative school will be given weekly therapy at their alternative school.

Having a Social Work background. I have been taught to look at the whole story.

Children removed from their school for bullying other children will receive a complete home assessment.

It does no good for a child's positive growth if their home is not a safe or healthy environment.

If found to be nonconducive to the child's positive growth. Immediate, social safety bets will be enacted on an emergency immediate basis.

The goal is not to punish the bully. My Administration's goal is to redirect that student and provide structure. No benefits given at nonalternative schools will be left out of alternative programs.

No student should die in an environment of care and support.

I propose creating within the Department of Education. A division named student, staff and faculty protection.

We will hire and train the best and most qualified people to protect our nations children.

All perspective employees will be evaluated and highly qualified. They will be vetted as if they were joining the Federal Bureau of Identification.

We will look to call upon our brave Veterans and those who see and know the importance of protecting our children.

The agents will be trained in working will children and those with special needs.

They will however not have discipline responsibilities over students.

No Police in schools.

Agents will be trained in human rights and the United States Constitution.


Addendum added 02/01/2022

The idea of free College is not an idea I can currently support.

I will Consider Clear Rules, Requirements, and Boundaries.

The Issue with Free College. Individuals need to have a Vested Interest in something to see its Value. Those Persons make a Commitment to it.

The United States Could lose Millions of Dollars on free College. Some will drop out. A few may get Kicked out.

Some Academically may not be strong enough to succeed in the College Environment.

The Issue is not Paying for those who attempt College but are not Academically Ready.

My Concern is for those who only see it as Free. It is free!! I get kicked out, nothing out of my pocket!

"I do not like College; I quit." We, the American Public, have just paid for someone with nothing to lose, to quit.

There's Another Issue that Concerns me.

American Schools are not Leading the World in anything. In reality, we lag in many subjects.

It Is a Disastrous and Unfair premise to send High School kids to College when they may have barely graduated High School. That is Irresponsible as Leaders and Mentors.

Public Schools are Overwhelmed with Classes Overloaded. I will not discuss the Dismal Dropout Rates.

I dream big also. Dreams must have a sense of reality.

Free within the next one, maybe two Generations would be great. The Changes we must take to make that reality is not near realization. It stings. Sending High School Kids to College who are not ready may be far more devastating to their Lives than a sting.

My Plan for Free College Generations From Today

  1. All Accepted Students must pay a small Monthly fee to be in College. It could be $250 per month.

If America supported the idea, the $250 monthly payments could be returned to the Student with Interest upon Graduation.

  1. A clear Notice of Intent. The student agrees to pay all College fees if they leave the Program. Exceptions can always exist.

  2. The Federal Government Begins Emergency Hearings on the State of America's Education System and Creates Legislation for Urgently needed Reforms.

  3. Develop a Multi-Year plan to Improve America's Education System.

  4. Evaluate Progress, adjust Timelines, Goals. Review every Three years. Review Conducted before Presidential Election.

Vocational Training

The Major and Essential importance of the Trades is Diminished.

Vocational Training keeps our Great Nation Going.

Students should have the opportunity for Free Trade School Education with the same Requirements as Free College Students.

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