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Division Of New Technology and Development

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Technology is advancing rapidly around the world as it always does.


I would seek to use NASA to create a program to advance new technology.



Through this Government Division. We will discover new technologies and determine how they can benefit the American people.


This division will use new, emerging and current technology to better the lives of Americans and nations around the world, second.


Division Of Education



Coding and America's Children and their bright future


One of the most important ways American children will advance under my program will be learning, Coding. The process or activity of writing computer programs.



Under my technology plan. Children will be introduced to coding starting in the first grade.



Children with learning created by teachers and technology experts will start learning the very basics of coding and programming.



Coding will then be taught two times per year in elementary school.



Students attending Junior High School will be given advances in coding technology based on their education.



Coding will be taught every semester of Junior High School.



Advanced Coding for those students who ever choose coding will receive coding education based on their grade level.



High School Students who want to pursue a career in Coding Technology will be advanced in coding education.



High School Students will be able to attend summer Coding Boot camps.



Coding is important to advancing technology.


Under my plan children to teenagers to college students will have a basic or advanced understanding of coding.



American students will be highly advanced in coding making American students even more valuable as workers.



National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


My administration will return NASA to the front of space exploration and technology. The return of NASA to space will include the return of new advanced space shuttles.



NASA will build an observation station on the moon. The station's mission is space exploration and asteroid monitoring.



NASA will work with other nations to develop a moon based system to destroy or push asteroids threatening earth off their path to hit earth.



Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial Technology is rapidly expanding. It is expected Artificial Intelligence will lead to more automation and less physical and technology based jobs.



While technological advancements will come rapidly. Humanity must decide how far and how fast humanity will allow Artificial Intelligence to go.


Artificial Intelligence:


My administration will create a world conference on Artificial Intelligence. We will work with other nations and leaders to create an agreed upon set of rules and boundaries the international community will accept for uses of Artificial Technology and its advancement.


The world Will have a summit where we create rules, safeguards and security to be protected from and in control of Artificial Intelligence.



We must work to grow and advance this technology to bring it to all fifty states and America's territories.


Specifically focus on the areas AI will advance and better the lives of our citizens.




Today there are firefighting robots that can fight fires and explosions. Remotely controlled from miles away. You connect a water hose and they put the fire out.



The life saving potential is immeasurable.

Why are we not utilizing that technology in raging forest fires?



How many brave Fire Jumpers die fighting forest and wildfires?



We need to not just talk about technology. We must utilize it to save human lives immediately.



The technology will be tested and utilized if approved by America. Saving lives is the Administration's goal.


Emergency Evacuations:


September Eleventh showed America that Americans are in great danger in high rise fires, earthquakes or other disasters.


America must look at the new and emergency technology to save as many lives as possible.


Flying cars! Flying Ambulances! Flying search and rescue vehicles.


Small flying cars would be admitted as medical transports. The vehicle operates on fans, no propeller.


To help those in need of emergency help in tight areas that helicopters may not be able to reach safely.


The American military and other inventors are working On flying personal jet packs. Those jet packs could be adapted and used to evacuate high rise buildings.


New high rise buildings would include storage and easy access to the jet packs for emergency evacuations in urgent times of need.



After witnessing the attacks on 9/11.



America must encourage new technologies to evacuate people from high rise work buildings and living complexes.



There have been few movements in technologies to save lives in unique situations.



My proposals are new and different. My belief is this is what leadership is.



Investigate the newest developments in technology, medicine and new medical treatments to combat evil life destroying diseases and conditions.


Medical Advancements:


Require health insurance companies to cover experimental medical drugs and treatments.



Create a government grant or require health insurance companies to pay into a general fund to cover experimental medical treatments and medication in foreign nations.



Every person deserves a chance at life.



Under my administration that chance and fight for life will no longer be just for the rich and wealthy.



Whether a rural community occupant. Whether a city liver occupant. Whether a suburban occupant.


Americans will use those funds to travel and receive the potential urgent life saving treatments.


That will include a stipend for the patient to live on while away receiving treatment.



My administration will fight like hell for your right to live!!




Burial Pods and the future of Burials


According to the Green Burial Council, burials in the United States use about nearly 5 million gallons of embalming fluid and tens of millions of feet of hardwood. Millions of tons of concrete and tens of thousands of tons of metals, including bronze each year.



I support Burial Pods completely. The idea of human bodies returning to the earth and nurturing female tree growth can be self rewarding.



The amount of land, chemicals and concrete used to bury bodies harms the environment. Cemeteries take up lots of land.



Burial pods return vital nourishment to our environment.



This issue is so important. To encourage this process for five years, the American government will subsidize 95% of burial pod cost in placements.


People will be able to bury with a female Tree Sapling And nurture that tree's growth.


This procedure will save valuable land for trees and other open spaces.



Space Force


I support the Space Force fully. This military division will create the next generation of defensive weapons for the protection of the American people.



To deter those who would seek to do harm to our nation.



The Space Force has the potential to create technology that will advance and be advantageous to civilian life.



Electric Vehicles and the Future


I support the creation of Electric Vehicles for future generations. They should be eased into understanding and accepting the environmental importance of Electric Vehicles.



I support tax breaks for those who choose to purchase and own Electrical Vehicles.



I support in no way any legislation forcing any


Americans move to EV's. The process should always be by choice.



I am 50 years old and have no desire to own an EV in their current state.


Self Driving Vehicles


Self driving trucks will be developed as usual. The addition of self driving trucks will be held from the roads for 15 years as Truck Drivers transition to new successful careers.


Encouraging the next generation of inventors:


America's amazing Innovators, Inventors and Scientists. Encouraging them to lead and innovate



My administration will create contests for America's schools and colleges. Students will be encouraged and supported in dreaming huge.



Students will be encouraged to present those ideas to their United States Government.



Student and students ideas and proposals will be investigated for practicality and use for current or future technological advancements.



Under my administration.


The government will work with young inventors to bring their dream forward. Forward to benefit our nation and the world.



Businesses and all inventors will be encouraged to bring their inventions and ideas to their government.



Inventors and businesses will also be granted government assistance and support in bringing new technology forward.



The American people have the answers, knowledge and ability to better this nation.



Government has to just present Americans with the opportunity.



In America my administration will not discount or judge any person's ideas or inventions. All ideas and inventions will be fairly acknowledged and studied.


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