Division Of New Technology and Development

Updated: Oct 23

Technology is advancing rapidly around the world.


Through this Government Division. We will discover new technologies and determine how they can benefit the American people.

 Today there are firefighting robots that can fight fires and explosions. Remotely controlled from miles away. You connect a water hose and they put the fire out.

Why are we not utilizing that technology in raging forest fires? How many brave Fire Jumpers die fight wild fires?

We need to not just talk the technology. We must utilize it to save human lives immediately.


The technology will be tested and utilized if approved by America. Saving lives is the Administration's goal.


Flying cars!

Small flying cars would be admitted as medical transports. The vehicle operates on fans, no propeller. To help those in need of emergency help in tight areas that helicopters may not be able to reach safely.


After witnessing the attacks on 9/11.

America must encourage new technologies to evacuate people from high rise work buildings and living complexes.

There has been no movement in technologies to save lives in unique situations.


My proposals are new and different. My belief is this what leadership is.


1. Investigate the newest developments in technology, medicine and new medical treatments to combat evil life destroying diseases and conditions.

My administration will create contests for America's schools and colleges. Students will be encouraged and supported in dreaming huge. Students will be encouraged to present those ideas.

Under my administration.

The government will work with young inventors to bring their dream forward. Forward to benefit our nation.

Inventors and businesses will also be promised government assistance and support in bringing new technology forward.

The American people have the answers, knowledge and ability to better this nation. 

Government has to just present America the opportunity.

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