Updated: Jan 27

The crime in the United States is becoming an out of control epidemic. In cities where 125 people can be killed within a weekend, it shows a system, poorly prepared for the criminal crises we face today.

American cities are facing, illegal guns, open drug deals and bold criminal elements.

American suburbs are facing their own crises. Meth labs, domestic violence and a beyond out of control Opioid Crisis. Suburban police are also overwhelmed, as many rural towns can only afford a small detail of officers due to high taxes and budget issues.

Both city and rural children, face a rise in drug use, domestic violence and even the fear of walking to school or being bullied in school.


My crime action plan calls for a sharp rise in criminal penalties and crimes involving weapons.

I propose the following:

1. Elevation of killing a police officer to a Federal crime. Death penalty eligible.

2. Specific training of police in gang culture and conflict resolution.

3. All stores in America, with the mandate to have no trespassing signs and the latest surveillance cameras inside and outside their businesses.

4. Better use of trespass and Loitering Laws. 

5. Hand gun crime sentencing should start at 18 years. 

6. Full access of police officers to individual and family therapy at the expense of the city or state.

I will not support taking away Americans rights to own weapons. Assault Rifles are weapons of War and would be banned. 

I would instruct the FBI to treat street gangs, the Klu Klux Klan, and rural drug suppliers as terrorist with federal penalties.

I would instruct the FBI to use informants, wiretaps, and the RICO act to bring criminals to justice.

An essential point of my action plan, includes the United States Treasury Department. Drug transactions are made with money. Where's the Government's share?

America's brave military Veterans will be called upon to serve their nation once again. Military Veterans should be installed in all American schools for security. Strictly security. School counsellors will deal with student issues.


Drug Dealers, Human Traffickers, make massive quantities of money!

How do they report their earnings to the IRS?

We all must pay taxes!

Within 48 hours of being elected by Executive Order, I will instruct the IRS and the FBI, to create Tax Task Forces for Criminal Tax Enforcement.

The combined agency Task Forces will interview all convicted Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers.

The Government will be clear. Your options are:

1. Show us your tax returns.

2. Name all your sources and contacts, involved with your, Drug Dealing/Human Trafficking.

I want to destroy those Criminal Networks. The goal? Bring those victims of Trafficking, Child Molestation Home!

If they choose not to cooperate with the Government, two days before their current incarceration release, they will be arrested for Tax Evasion. As Convicted Felons it has been shown, they bought and did not report their earnings.

I will ask Congress to create much harsher penalties for Tax Evasion. 

The IRS will be ordered to not use the harsher sentences on everyday hardworking Americans!

The new laws will be the strength to force the change of Criminal's priorities. Work with the Government or enjoy Federal Prison, hospitality.

This will include Pimps, Mafia and Gangs.

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