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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Crime in the United States is becoming an out-of-control epidemic.

In cities where 125 people can be killed within a weekend, shows a system poorly prepared for the criminal crises Americans face today.

American cities and suburbs are facing illegal guns, open drug deals and bold criminal elements. Criminal elements who have little if any fear for police.

Rural American communities face issues such as Meth labs, domestic violence and an out-of-control opioid crisis.

Suburban and city police feel overwhelmed at times.

Many rural towns can only afford a small amount of officers due to high taxes and budget issues.

Small towns who cannot afford their own Police Departments count on Sheriff's and State Police for their Law Enforcement needs.

Often, Law Enforcement is miles away. That responding officer's backup is also often miles away.

Both city and rural children face a rise in drug use, domestic violence and even the fear of walking to school or being bullied in school.

My crime action plan calls for a sharp rise in criminal penalties and crimes involving weapons.

I Propose the following:

Criminal Penalties

1. Elevation of killing a police officer to a Federal crime with mandatory 25 year starting sentence. No less than 20 years under supervision.

  • Death of a Law enforcement Officer or Agent is death penalty eligible.

2. Use of a firearm during the commission of a crime should have sentencing starting at up to 18 years.

  • This is a seperate charge and may not run concurrently with other charges.

3. I highly support the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and drones in the fight against crime.

  • I support AI and drones in patrolling neighborhoods and being deterrents to crime.

  • All AI and drones are to be unarmed. Used for surveillance and deterrent purposes only.

Cash Bail

Cash Bail is inherently unfair to the poor and those without access to be able to afford bail. With trepidation, I support eliminating cash bail.

Gangs and Organized Crime

My administration within 24 hours of taking office will instruct the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Drug Enforcement Agency and United States Department of Treasury to deal with street gangs and Criminal Organizations like the Klu Klux Klan, the Mafia and Human Traffickers be treated as the Domestic Terrorists they are.

1. Provide high government payments for informants and collaborating witnesses.

2. Have the Witness Protection Program provide support to cooperating witnesses in fear for their lives.

A. The relocation aspect of Witness Protection would include covering cooperating witnesses moving to another country.

The Death Penalty

The death penalty is a hard topic for me. I see the horrible crimes people on death row commit or are accused of committing. Seeing their evil inhumanity to another. I want them to face that ultimate penalty.

Then, as I do my research. I read that 22 human beings most likely were innocent. I imagine the terror in my stomach. I am walking to my death for a crime I truly did not commit.

To know that 186 people have been exonerated as they sat on death row. Trapped in hell with no power to escape a fate that you did not create.

This decision is hard. I am a leader and some look to me for my opinion.

I stand against the death penalty. I cannot imagine the hell and torture of an innocent human having their life stolen.

While I am against the death penalty. There needs to be changes to the Judicial System.

1. A life sentence must remain a life sentence. There can be no commutation by a Governor or a state Parole Board.

2. Plead sentences that include life may not be reviewed for good behavior release.

3. Life term prisoners must never be allowed any jobs that take them off confinement grounds.

Juvenile Justice

The issue of Juvenile Justice has had many good people arguing how we deal with children and teens who commit crimes. Sometimes, minor or the most heinous of crimes.

As I am performing my research I see mental illness, abuse and neglect are at the core of those juveniles who commit criminal acts.

Children who Commit Crimes Age 16 and Below

1. Released to parent or guardian custody.

2. Create specialized dormitory style homes for children 16 and below with no guardians or without a safe environment.

3. Mandatory therapy, 3x per week. Community Service on weekends.

4. Children who have committed nonviolent crimes will go to the dormitory housing. None will go into regular Foster Care.

Juveniles, Mental Health and the Law

Mental health disorders in the juvenile justice system, with a high percentage of youth (approximately 70 percent) involved in the system having a diagnosable mental health disorder and nearly 30 percent of those experiencing severe mental health disorders...

My Education Proposal addresses the issue of mental health in children and teens. I propose special training for all teachers and school staff.

We need to provide training in identifying at-risk youth. We also need to train School Officials in identifying "bullies". We also need to train staff in supporting the "victims" of bullies.

Therapy and support provided to both. Home Study for both the "victim" and "bully" to be assessed for safety and security.

Juveniles and Prison for Life

I do not generally believe in the idea of life in prison for juveniles. As a former Social Worker, I have dealt with dangerous and threatening teens.

I support treatment for teens who commit heinous and violent crimes. I support detainment in a Juvenile treatment facility.

Their detainment in the facility will include intense therapy, vocational and educational training.

The detainment facility will be a facility for growing children and teens. There will be no Adult Inmates. Children and teens separated in the facility.

At the age of 22, the now former Juveniles should be assessed for their dangerousness to themselves, the public and their families.

If in the case that a former juvenile is dangerous? The safety of the juvenile and public must be the main priority.

Under these circumstances, life in prison is the proper sentence.

Gun Control

I support the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. I would not support abridging that right in any way.

I support one's 2nd Amendment right. It is not a right that cannot be regulated in some forms. I support some types of regulations.

The regulations I propose are not harsh as armed Americans live in a variety of different environments.

To someone who lives on a farm or in a wooded area like the Montana Woods. A heavy weapon is most certainly needed.

The same weapon as for today is not needed on the city streets of a city like Boston.

I support the following gun regulations.

1. The banning of Assault Weapons.

2. A federal requirement that all gun owners be licensed to carry in their state of purchase. Mandatory Gun Training in that state.

3. The carrying of $100,000 in liability insurance.

4. Heavy penalties if you do not secure your weapon and it is used in a crime.

5. Support "Red Flag Laws."

A. Gun Locks will be provided to all weapon buyers, at yhe expense of the Gun Manufacturer of the weapon you purchase.

Juveniles and the Death Penalty

No child who commits a crime before age 21 should be eligible for the death penalty.

The Powerful Role of the Treasury Department

An essential part of my action plan includes the United States Treasury Department.

Drug transactions are often made with cash money.

Where's the Government's share?

Drug Dealers and Human traffickers make massive quantities of money!. Money that goes unreported to the Treasury Department.

We all must pay taxes!

Within 48 hours of being elected.

With an Executive Order I will instruct the IRS and the FBI to create a task Force for Criminal Tax Enforcement.

The combined agency Task Forces will interview all convicted drug dealers and human traffickers.

The government will be clear. To the Drug Dealer or Human Trafficker. They will be given options.

Your options are:

1. Show us your tax returns.

2. Name all your sources and contacts involved with your drug dealing, Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Child Pornography activities.

The Goal?

Bring those victims of trafficking and child abuse home! Find the Traffickers, the Child Pornographers and destroy their lives and everything else of theirs in the governments path.

If they choose not to cooperate with the government.

1. Two days before their current incarceration release, they will be arrested for tax evasion.

2. Indictment for fraud and conspiracy. RICO act if warranted.

As convicted felons it has been shown they did not report their earnings. We will use their not paying taxes in the way, Gangster, Alfonse Capone, was taken down and locked away.

I will ask Congress to create much harsher federal penalties for tax evasion connected to the above listed crimes.

The IRS will be ordered to not use the harsher sentences on everyday hard working Americans!

The harsher penalties will be specifically targeted only for those who commit or are an accessory in any way to the above crimes.

The new laws will give law enforcement the strength to force the change of criminal's priorities. Work with the government or enjoy federal prison hospitality.

The Wrongly Convicted

A major epidemic is the exonerated and wrongly convicted. Society cannot give back the time of the innocent.

Society owes them the opportunity for a better healthier future.

I Propose the following:

1. All states must compensate the wrongly convicted. States who do not compensate their victims face a loss of Federal Funding for their states prison system.

2. $150,000 per year of their false incarceration.

3. Free eight years of education. The education will include college or trade education or training.

4. Families will be compensated 7 million dollars for the wrongly convicted if the wrongly convicted were to die while wrongfully incarcerated.

Investigating the False Imprisonment and

The Penalties

An Independent Council will be appointed to review the case of the exonerated with full Subpoena Power.

The Independent Council will be a Federal Prosecutor with no ties or connections to local Law Enforcement or local District Attorneys.

The Special Counsel will be supported by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The Judge assigned to the case will be a Federal Judge.

No immunity can protect District Attorney's, Police, Judges or Crime Scene Investigators.

We owe a duty to bring cases for prosecution that are properly and legitimately charged.

As a society we must acknowledge there are criminals in all aspects of society. Law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges.

No one is above the law and society must hold them accountable for their crimes as well.

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