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Boston Pandemic Response Protocol

The protection of the citizens of Boston is priority one for my administration. Considering there seems to be new pandemics bi monthly. 

We learned that Pandemics terrify the public and can result in hoarding and violence.

As Mayor, I will make sure Boston is prepared for any pandemic or communicable diseases found and identified. 

As Mayor, this will be done the first week in the Mayor's office.

*A Pandemic Response Team will be created within 7 days of my administration taking office.

The bi-partisan Pandemic Response Team will be headed by a highly experienced medical professional.

The team will consist of:

  • Department of Health

  • Boston Police

  • Fire Department

  • EMS

The team will be rounded out by professionals chosen by healthcare experts. 

The Pandemic Response Team will create a Center for Disease Control Liaison. A Liaison for Homeland Security and the Transportation Department.

Part of the Pandemic Response Team will be Liaison to vital city businesses.

Boston companies will be advised months before a potential Pandemic becomes active.

Boston companies will be required to create protocols and rules to prevent hoarding and shortages of products for the general public.

The companies will receive confidential memo's and will be advised when Pandemic protocols are to begin.

All Boston businesses will be required to report all potential product outage concerns. Report security concerns.

Boston businesses will be required on a 9 month basis to report their supply and any production issues for the future.

The city will keep an eye on critical items such:

  • Baby Formula

  • Toilet tissue

  • Generators

  • Fuel


The team will develop protocols to house those on Boston streets so know persons life is left to the elements.

This potentially could cut down on the spread on f Communicable Diseases.


Through the program of having Medical Rvs visiting students in schools. The treatment team can be aware of any spreading sickness or illnesses traveling within the schools they treat students at.

Be advised. I am a trained Social Worker.

The creation of the Pandemic Response Team will be by Medical Experts. I will present this plan and let the experts do what they do.

This is a plan to keep Boston prepared!

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