Black Women in America. A Comprehensive Plan for Support & Outreach

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Over 5 years, thousands of Black females missing! The National Crime Information Center reported 268,884 Women missing, 100,000 are Black Girls and Women. That's just what's been reported.

Where are our Black children and young Black Females?

Where are the loud, demanding voices of our Congressional leaders?

Why are they not holding urgent hearing and questioning, our nations, law enforcement?

Democrat President Biden. Where is your voice on such tragedies and missing, Black females?

Black folks follow Democrats like you actually care for them!

Where is your voice now?

What has FBI told you of their investigation into the horrible tragedy?

As President. President Hughes, will publicly address the issue within 48 hours. The CIA, FBI and Homeland Security Directors will report what is known of the situation and the action plans for next phase of finding, America's children.

Without a plan. I will ask for their resignation.

Black Women's Health, must be put in a category of it's own.

Black Women, boldly fight for their health and the health needs of their loved ones. That is a Black Woman's teaching from birth.

In essence, while we applaud a Black Woman's concern for others. I am learning far too often, those courageous women, put their needs into the me next bin.

When do those women, reach their, my turn bin?

Breast Cancer

Black Women, are diagnosed, with Breast Cancer at much higher rates than White Women.

Factors can include genetics, exercise regiment and eating.

My Administration would immediately act on the following:

1. A five year campaign to address Black Women regarding Breast Cancer and promote the shear importance of monthly self Breast Examinations.

A. This program, would be managed by the Centers For Disease Control. Partners for healthier Black Woman initiative, would include, the Food and Drug Administration and Department of Public Health.

B. The healthy Black Woman Initiative would include outreach to teen women and would include public discussion and mobile vans and clinics.

Both would, properly teach Women, how to examine their breast and would provide an exam at their visit.

C. Overlooked, is diet. Millions of families desperately rely on food assistance. A healthier diet can cut down instances of Breast Cancer.

D. My Administration will fight Congress to drastically, raise the amount of food assistance given to our nations most in need of food assistance.

I want an average $700 per individual distributed twice monthly.

2. Red label all foods that contain potential Cancer causing ingredients. Food with chemical additives that may cause food addiction will also be labelled.

The high cost of healthier food options for America is an embarrassment to our nation's Republican and Democrat leadership.

As I become a better known Candidate. I will adapt my programs to always be at the front of the Health Care and unique concerns for Black Women.

The way I go about ideas I could release is to point by point, bring out the Issues and my ideas to improve the situation.

The Reality!

Black Women, face so many challenges just to live, love and be healthy.

Within the first month in office, My Administration must create a Presidential Council on Black Women's Health.

Black Women face these issues and more:

A. High rates of Premature Birth.

B. Horrendous Pain Management.

C. Cervical and Breast Cancer

D. Hypertension.

Those are a few. Far too many issues for such a wealthy, media savvy America.

We must also Address the Abortion Rate among Black Woman. While a Woman's body is her own; I want to be sure that a Woman makes that choice freely and without force or threat.

Please see my abortion discussion.

We must discuss and reverse the damage Social Programs have had on the Black Family in forcing parents to separate and not be together.

Currently couples together will have their essential life supporting Government Assistance lowered.

Together, we will ignite a positive strong and encouraging movement for Black Women.

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