A Living Wage, The Reality Approach

Updated: Aug 11

It's interesting. All those who cry about raising the minimum wage to help the workers, and cry about our children and our debt.

They seem quite unaware or just ignorant to the fact that the administrations of both parties give mega tax breaks to the richest people among us.

The United States gives billions of dollars in foreign aid and huge tax relief to so-called American companies that move their activities overseas or to Mexico.

Why don't you cry about the debt and the children then?


Most Americans are ignorant of those facts and feed on the information of their lying leaders and political scam artist of both parties.

Why should hard workers have to struggle to eat and pay bills?

Oh, by the way. Those low-paid workers were forced to work during the COVID-19 pandemic and kept America functioning. The brave workers who keep America going every hard working day.

The United States disgusting minimum wage of $7.50 is a slap in the face of hard-working Americans. The true engines that keep America wealthy.

How do you justify a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a major company earning thousands of dollars per hour while their company has employees on Food Stamps?

Where's the outrage?

Yet, the amazing workers got nothing. We need to fix that. $15.00 is pitiful. You take the risk company CEOs sit on billions of dollars from everyday America.

Do not talk $15.00 that is chump change. We need to start at $18.00. It is not bold to ask that. You showed your employers, when the chips are down you get the job done.

America's starting pay for any company where the CEO makes thousands of dollars an hour should be above nineteen dollars per hour.

Out-of-touch Democrats and Republicans don't give a damn and wages stay stagnant. Then people want to be angry and drug test people who need these Food Stamps to live!!! What nerve!

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