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A Living Wage, The Reality Approach

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

A living American wage and support package.

Those who complain about providing everyday America a living wage are out of touch or well off.

They seem quite unaware or just ignorant to the fact that the administration's of both parties give mega tax breaks to the richest people amongst us. 

The United States gives billions of dollars in foreign aid and huge tax relief to so-called American companies that move their activities overseas or to Mexico.

Why don't you cry about the debt and the children then? 


Most Americans are ignorant of those fact's and feed on the information of their lying leader's and political scam artist of both parties.

Why should hard worker's have to struggle to eat and pay bills? 

Oh, by the way?

Those low-paid worker's who worked during the COVID-19 Pandemic height and kept America functioning.

The brave worker's who keep America going everyday deserve support.

The United States disgusting minimum wage of $7.50 is a slap in the face of hard-working American's. The true engines that keep America wealthy. 

How do you justify a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a major company earning thousand's of dollars per hour while their company has employee's on food stamps?

Where's the outrage?

Yet the amazing worker's got nothing. We need to fix that. $15.00 is pitiful. You take the risk company CEO's sit on billion's of dollars off the hard work of everyday America.

America's starting pay for any company where the CEO makes thousands of dollars an hour should be above $19.00 per hour.

I honor the fight for $15.00 per hour wage.  

It is not enough to live in America. $15.00 dollars per hours is 31,200 per year. 

Not to mention.

You mus deduct.

Food, transportation, medical, co-pay costs.

That is not living well or comfortably.

$1500 for rent. That is 18,000 dollars gone. That leaves $13,200 to live.

America currently offers worker's no true support in living this American life.

$15.00 per hour in words sounds great. 

$15.00 per hour in living is not living.

I propose the following.

$22.00 per hour pay.  

$22.00 per hour is $45,760 dollars per year. $1500 rent per year is $18,000. 

Remove rent. That leaves $27,760. For transportation, utilities and other payments.

My plan includes the opening of food assistance to American's making up to $60,000 per year. Receiving food assistance regularly.

$350.00 every two weeks, per adult.

$250.00 per child.  

Daycare Vouchers till first grade.  

Mandated employee health care at a cost of no more than $20 per pay period.  

Small businesses will receive grants to meet the new requirements.  

Small business would also face new fare tax codes.  

American's are suffering. Too many sit homeless and hungry.

Those American's with homes and jobs are struggling to get by in America today.

Out-of-touch Democrat's and Republican's don't give a damn and wages stay stagnant.

Then people want to be angry and drug test people who need these food stamps to live!!!

What nerve!

The push for a fair liveable wage of $22.00 per hour is nothing one Democrat or Republican would fight for. 

There is no way they would ever stand against their corporate masters.

The $22.00 proposal is not legislated by two failed parties.

We would create a massive ad campaign. Use worker slow downs and call outs to push companies to give a fair wage. 

All the time publicly cheering companies who accept the $22.00 per hour fair wage.

Encouraging America and the world to support a company that values their employees.

Companies who refuse to support their employees could face, work slow downs.

Massive call outs and massive uses of sick days.

Companies who dishonor their employees by not offering a fair wage will be called out world wide as examples of not how to treat your employees.

Legislation comes in for increasing food assistance eligibility.

Free daycare to first grade.

Massive boost in subsidized housing assistants.

This will be a fight.

Fighting can be just for the right reasons.

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