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A Discussion On Abortion and Personal Rights

Updated: May 27, 2023

Abortion for me, is one of the hardest subjects to discuss.

When does life begin?

Do Women own their bodies?

I personally hate abortions! I hate the thought of any person being told, ordered or legislated what to do with their god given bodies.

We do not force vasectomies on deadbeat dads! Yey, Women's bodies are legislated as if Women have no mind of their own.

I have felt the pain of abortion in my life. It was due to me and my partner’s lack of responsibility. So, when I speak of abortion and its impact, I live it to this day.

I will not discuss abortion numbers or numbers by race. Women have a right and duty to care for their mental health and bodies.

A Woman's body is her own and her decisions alone, must dictate what she does with it.

Fighting about abortion and legislating a woman's body is everything un-American about our nation today.

Let us try new approaches to cut down abortions in America?

Abortion is as economical as it is personal.

America needs healthy births to grow, work and pay into the system for those who were working before them.

Aborted babies do not grow and work and pay into the economic engine of America. That is economics!

Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women must know they are not alone on their pregnancy journey.

I propose supporting women during and after birth for a 6 month recovery period.

My proposal consists of:

1. All pregnant Women receive immediate food assistance of $900 per month to eat properly and be able to afford food.

2. A $1500 per month stipend for their nine months of pregnancy. Lowering $1000 per month for her 6 month after birth recovery.

3. Daycare stipends till the first grade.

I Propose the Following on Abortion Issues

My proposal provides a new way forward to Women who choose to keep their child.

America, with local state and federal help, will show expecting mothers and families that there are alternatives, and they can, with a child, live a happy life.

I propose creating an agency with the expressed mission of supporting Women Who choose to have and raise their children.

Non residential programs with support and education for Women will also be provided for Women who choose to have their child adopted.

That will include housing assistance, paid education and training. The program would include all classes and therapeutic support.

This will not be a federal program. It will be a program created in coordination with charities, community organizations and government support grants.

The alternate agency will provide support to Mothers wanting to keep and raise their child.

When it comes to the issue of abortion we must acknowledge the very sad realities of having an abortion for some women.

We must acknowledge some Women and teens are forced, threatened or scared into having an abortion.


Some women who are victims of rape and get pregnant are at times pushed to have an abortion by a spouse, boyfriend or even their loved ones.

B. Teenagers who get pregnant and are told to get an abortion or get out of the house.

C. Poor Women who have no resources to raise a child.

D. Domestic violence.

E. The possible medical conditions of the child after birth.

Women whose children may or will be born with special needs will be supported in the decisions they make surrounding this decision.

The program will have facilities to provide for children with special needs.

Tragically, I could present more examples of Women pushed or threatened into having an abortion.

The program I propose would give these Women active resources to help them keep and raise healthy children a chance to be a strong, supportive and successful family.

These are my proposals for how that agency would work and the resources it would provide.

1. Emergency housing. Homes strictly for the new program. Homes would have 24 armed security coverage.

2. Education assistance to provide pregnant women with the education to get a strong job to provide for themselves and new baby.

3. Job training. Whether technical or trade skills.

4. Free daycare.

5. Bi-weekly stipend and food assistance.

6. Therapy. Single and group. Drug treatment, if necessary.

7. Parenting classes.

Mandatory classes on credit rebuilding and maintaining good credit.

All Women in the program would be required to attend all medical appointments surrounding the baby and their personal health needs.

This program will not be a lifetime live on program. This program is a temporary program created to support and strengthen Women to eventually go on their own successfully.

The program will still provide resources, education and therapy for all members who have left the program.

Unlike many programs, boyfriends, husbands, and fiancés could be included. The following criteria excludes all partners whether male or female.

No Domestic Violence charges or convictions.

● No Drug or Alcohol Convictions.

● No Gun Convictions or charges.

Rules will be created to provide the highest standards of safety and security.

The partners would also receive assistance.

The partners would be required to meet every criteria and mandatory programs as the women.

The goal is for the organization to build a strong, supportive family unit for those couples who choose to stay together.


Father's should not all be put in the false narrative of a "dead beat".

Many fathers want to be with their children. The current government system punishes father's and mother's who are together.

States cut food and cash assistance to families who stay together.

Loneliness, depression, homelessness, drug addiction and abandonment. Adoption must be supported and open to all loving and caring approved families.

Gay, straight, interracial, should never be a reason to keep a child stuck in America’s miserable Foster System over a loving home.

Fathers must not be kicked to the wayside.

The right of father's to see love and nurture their children should not be abridged by far overreaching judges and prosecutors.

A person's ability to pay child support, while wrong and unfair, is not a definition of that parent's love for their child or children.

The inability to pay child support or being behind in payments must never hinder the parent-child bond.


The United States Surgeon General will be the public face of abstinence.

At the same time, the United States government will discuss the importance of protection during sexual activity.

While teenage pregnancy is never a desired outcome. Teens should be encouraged to wait until adulthood for sexual activity.

My administration recognizes protection during sex is about preventing diseases as well as pregnancy.

Americans have the intelligence to carry out two programs. Abstinence and protection against sexually transmitted diseases at the same time.

Punishment for Parents Behind on Child Support Payments

1. A parent behind on child support payments must be supported to fulfill their obligation to their child or children.

2. The prison option must be the final step for a parent who refuses to pay their share of raising their child.

3. First offense. 60 days on bracelet and house arrest. The parent can only leave the house for work.

4. The parent will undergo weekly drug and alcohol testing.

5. Men behind on their responsibility to support their child or children, will be required to undergo a vasectomy.

Women will be required to have mandatory birth control. Regular testing.

The procedure will be reversed after the father has caught up on his obligation to his child or children after a full year of no unexcused missed payments.

No man or woman will be allowed to create children they will not support.

If a woman's body and her personal decisions in her life can be regulated to the point of not allowing women to make decisions for her body. Regulating a man's body is also acceptable.

Parents behind on child support will meet and receive an assessment from an Occupational Counsellor.

A parent who goes to prison, will be in prison because they refuse to take responsibility for their lives and support their children.

I discuss all these options because for me the goal is to cut down on abortions in America. As someone who was part of an abortion. I have deep regrets to this day.

In order for a Woman to truly make decisions on an abortion for her body. We must be sure her decision is her own. Not a coerced, threatened or fearful decision.

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