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Welcome to the official site of Jaha Hughes, your source of information including upcoming events, his views on the issues in our city and the state of health, history, background, and so much more! Explore below to check out Jaha Hughes' plans to revitalize our great city of Boston!

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Jaha Hughes
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I Am Jaha Hughes

I am Jaha Hughes Independent for Mayor of the City of Boston 2025. I am an Independent because the city's Two main political parties have failed us all. The City of Boston has been
failed by its leadership for far too long.
My Candidacy is not about where Boston stands today. My Candidacy is about Boston's future: Making Boston the innovator in safety, health and security. My proposals are for Boston's best and strongest future.

5202 homeless humans are living in shelters and on the streets. This is appauling!  We need to do something about this!


Bike Lanes have made the downtown area a parking fiasco! How do we make this work for everyone?

With no parking doing work with DoorDash and UberEats a very risky task. Will delivery zones work?

Our school kids are at risk of being in great danger. Trained Security? We must protect them! 

What!? More condos!? We need more affordable housing! People are leaving the city in droves. Lets bring the people back to Boston!

We are all in this together!


Join The Cause

Jaha Hughes is so appreciative that you would like to get involved. There are so many ways for you to help Jaha Hughes push for change and become part of making our city a better place for all. Whether you want to volunteer your time, or you are seeking to make a monetary donation, Jaha Hughes appreciates all of your efforts.


Thank you for your interest in Jaha Hughes. If you have a question, concern, would like to volunteer or would simply like to get in touch please see the information below.

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